Zuno Bank uses Fico Blaze Advisor for marketing system

Source: Fico

Fico (NYSE:FICO), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced that Zuno Bank AG of Austria has created an event-driven marketing system powered by Fico Blaze Advisor business rules management system.

ZUNO's next-generation system creates tailored marketing offers in response to a customer's most recent activity, which improves customer response and increases product penetration while strengthening customer satisfaction and loyalty. ZUNO Bank is the direct bank of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI), a leading banking group in Central and Eastern Europe and Austria.

In response to new activity by a ZUNO customer, FICO Blaze Advisor updates the customer's profile, calculates their most likely needs based on their life-stage and other information, determines which of 60 campaigns is the best match, and tailors the marketing message and delivery channel to the customer. A closed-loop feedback system records customer responses to improve future actions and results.

"Our CRM system helps us understand our customers much better, and give them personalized treatment," said Peter Fusek, CRM director for ZUNO. "FICO Blaze Advisor is critical to this system, not only orchestrating the actions we take but also enabling us to be consistent in our interactions with customers across all communications channels. We chose FICO based on the high performance of its system and the excellent experience Raiffeisen Bank International has had working with FICO on risk management."

ZUNO built this system on an open campaign management framework that will enable ZUNO's team to extend the system to new countries and other areas of the business, such as client support, product activation, credit scoring and collections. The system includes a customer data mart, a contact history and the FICO Blaze Advisor business rules management system for orchestration of event-driven marketing and calculation of customer profiles. Blaze Advisor gives business users control of the business rules, which increases business agility.
"One of our goals was to move from hard-coded rules in our systems to more flexible rules managed by business users," said Fusek. "The marketing team's involvement in setting the rules in Blaze Advisor led to fast adoption. By giving our marketing team control over their rules, we have shortened the execution of ad-hoc marketing campaigns from two days to a matter of minutes."

The system, which went live in December, communicates with customers through ZUNO's internet banking channel, SMS and email. Currently ZUNO distributes marketing offers overnight in batch mode, but in the next phase the system will communicate offers in real time.

"Real-time, event-driven marketing is the goal of every customer-centric business," said Phillip Sertel, who manages FICO's operations in DACH and in Central and Eastern Europe. "ZUNO has architected a true state-of-the-art marketing campaign system that helps it understand its customers better and use that understanding to build stronger, more profitable relationships." 

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