Multos members showcase smart card issuance system

Source: Multos

MULTOS Consortium members ACI Worldwide, Thales, Trueb and DataCard today bring their Instant Smart Card Issuance solution to Cards Middle East in Dubai.

The first complete end-to-end solution on the market, it enables banks to manage their chip data preparation centrally, and issue smart cards from their branches or in retail outlets.

The major advantage of the Instant Issuance solution is that it enables all cryptographic keys to be managed centrally within the bank. No keys need to be located in Hardware Security Modules in bank branches, thanks to the use of the public key encryption based mechanism for loading encrypted applications to MULTOS cards. EMV and other applications including Paypass are personalised and encrypted with the target MULTOS card's public key, sent in a single message over an intranet to the printer in the bank branch, and then decrypted within the secure (ITSEC E6 High) confines of the MULTOS chip using its unique private key.

For banks and other financial institutions branch issuance presents three business winning opportunities; Firstly the ability to capture new cardholders and activate them on the spot. No need to wait weeks for your credit card to arrive in the post or pick it up at a later date. Secondly, this solution reduces the risk of fraud - avoiding the interception of cards in the mail - and at the same time allows the account holder to select their own PIN on application – so no PIN mailers to mail out either. Finally, lost or stolen cards can be instantly replaced within the branch, maximising account transaction opportunities.

Rainier Brueren, Managing Director, ACI Smart Card Division said: "Since 1996, ACI has been at the forefront of the migration to EMV for banks in both the acquiring and issuing arenas. With the In-Branch Issuance solution, ACI builds on that success and offers banks an immediate opportunity to increase their levels of customer service. The requirement for branch personalisation is not just limited to the EMV market and we are pleased to be able to fulfil those needs as well."

Paul Meadowcroft, head of the transaction security activities of Thales, said: "In many parts of the world, in-branch card issuance is the norm. As well as seeing increased interest outside of these environments due to the obvious benefits of such an approach, we are also witnessing some concerns about how to effectively deploy a smart card based in-branch card issuance system. Produced in association with leading industry players, the guide helps banks understand all the benefits and challenges involved and offers important advice on how to successfully deploy such a system."

Moritz Wittwer, Sales Manager for Trueb in the Middle East said: "Trüb is a leading provider of EMV smart cards and personalisation services, certified by MasterCard and Visa. We are therefore in a unique position to offer a complete Instant Issuing solution to our customers in the EMEA region. And by using Trüb's services bureau, we are able to market outsourced Instant Issuing services to banks as well."

Tim France-Massey, the Business Development Director of MAOSCO, said: "Thanks to the cooperation of the MULTOS consortium member team we've been able to demonstrate a tangible business benefit for card issuers that is enabled by one of the unique selling points of MULTOS. We look forward to the revolution in convenience this solution will bring for cardholders."

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