Quartet FS unveils monitoring and alerts tool

Source: Quartet FS

Quartet FS, the innovative provider of in-memory analytics, today announces the launch of a new monitoring and alerts tool, ActivePivot Sentinel. Business managers across any industry, from banking to ecommerce, can use Sentinel to create alerts when set parameters have been broken and then decide a course of action.

Uniquely, Sentinel is able to video-record all activity post the trigger alert, providing managers with a wealth of insight and information.

Fully integrated with ActivePivot, Quartet FS' leading real-time, in-memory analytics platform, Sentinel is able to employ complex analytics to identify trigger events as defined by the user, such as a trader running an abnormally low level of profit and loss over a set time period. These events are monitored both before and after the alert is triggered, giving managers a 360 degree view of the situation. Crucially, Sentinel is also able to video-record any events post the trigger alert, offering the user a detailed analysis of actions taken once the customised parameters are broken. Sentinel is then able to carry out a variety of actions depending on the severity of the parameter broken, ranging from sending an email to preventing further actions from being taken.

ActivePivot Sentinel has already been rolled out with a number of financial services clients, and Quartet FS is currently in talks with e-commerce and logistics companies about how it can be deployed within their industries.

Massimo Pezzini, a Gartner Vice President and fellow at the analyst house, commented: "In-memory computing has the potential to be a disruptive industry force, providing the opportunity for breakthrough innovation via such benefits as high-performance transaction processing and near real-time situation awareness."

Georges Bory, co-Founder and Managing Director of Quartet FS, said: "As a result of the Gartner research and our own customer feedback, we have seen demand for an analytics tool which can turn pure analysis into communication, in financial services and across a range of other industries. Sentinel does just that, helping existing users of ActivePivot to make more intelligent business decisions through an alerts system which can prevent potentially damaging actions from being taken further in true real-time."

Sentinel completes the ActivePivot suite of analytics products, enabling Quartet FS to offer a package of integrated and intelligent business applications. 

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