ITG integrates BrightWire news engine in EMS

Source: ITG

ITG (NYSE: ITG), a leading independent research and execution broker, today announced a marketing alliance with BrightWire, the premier source for real-time English-language summaries of global news and social media.

Under the terms of this relationship, ITG's award-winning Triton® will be the exclusive EMS platform with integrated BrightWire capabilities and ITG will also market the BrightWire product on a stand-alone basis.

BrightWire uncovers information on companies, industries, and topics published in foreign language sources and delivers concise English-language summaries of key information in near real-time. It scours tens of thousands of unique sources 24/7 in over 30 languages to access news the mainstream media can't. Its clients include asset management firms, investment banks, and brokerage and trading firms.

"ITG is dedicated to delivering actionable insights to improve investment and trading performance," said Bob Gasser, Chief Executive Officer and President, ITG. "BrightWire's global real-time news capabilities offer our clients an information source which goes beyond traditional financial news services."

Also commenting on the alliance, John Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of BrightWire, said, "The financial community has long known that access to news and information is the lifeblood of a successful investment strategy. BrightWire is redefining news publishing to meet the challenges of a global economy and we are thrilled to be collaborating with ITG to bring valuable global news and intelligence around companies, industries and topics to ITG's clients."

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