ships CashView command and control system

Source:, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash management solutions for businesses, today introduced CashView, a powerful, first-of-its-kind Cash Flow Command and Control System that provides organizations with an entirely new strategic level of insight and control over their finances.

CashView leverages's proprietary, cloud-based AP and AR systems to deliver a more powerful method of cash flow management, providing finance leaders with a comprehensive view of their cash forecast and the ability to take immediate action with unprecedented control and precision.'s CashView Command and Control System is the only solution that connects your banks, your books and your business.

Unlike the cumbersome, error-prone and highly manual spreadsheet-based cash flow management processes that most businesses rely on today, the CashView Command and Control System links directly to the users' key financial sources, including accounting systems, to gather information and populate automatically. Users gain the ability to drill down into invoices, bills, contracts and notes while forecasting cash. Armed with this critical information, they can also easily make adjustments and model their forecasts on-the-fly. CashView empowers users with a true and accurate sense of their real-time financial position in order to make the right decisions and take action at precisely the right times for their business.

While managing cash flow accurately and in real time is a tremendous contributor to the financial health of any company, most businesses today rely on static spreadsheet-based methods that are cumbersome to manipulate and difficult to adjust to account for real-world business scenarios. CashView effectively changes the game.

" CashView marks a major innovation by automatically tying into current financial systems," said René Lacerte, founder and CEO of "It enables users to adjust scenarios including cash-in and cash-out in a completely realistic way, and it allows them to gain complete control and insight into their financial situation for better business decision making. The ability to make the right transaction in real time and at the right time is an extremely powerful proposition and one that is just not possible using spreadsheet-based methods."

With CashView, users can move bills and invoices in and out to account for "what if" scenarios, countless variables and more. The information can easily be adjusted and modeled, and the results are reflected in easy-to-understand, one-step CashView charts and tables. Even data that isn't recorded in the system can be added seamlessly to provide businesses with the most intelligent cash flow forecasting system available today.

"For most businesses, actuals are usually probables," said Lacerte. "When things have already happened, they are actual but when you're dealing with forecasting, it's simply not enough to take the dates as they are and project them out as they quite often don't reflect reality. It's time for businesses to do away with the limitations of spreadsheets and gain the real control and insight that CashView affords."

"While business owners are often experts in their given fields, this oftentimes doesn't equate to being an expert in managing cash," said Daren Root, co-founder of RootWorks and a highly respected certified public accountant, author and nationally recognized speaker who specializes in educating small- to mid-sized accounting firms on technology and efficiency. " CashView removes the guesswork and can save businesses time and agony. It enables users to be more precise and proactive about critical decision making, and they can gain confidence about what they are doing each step of the way. I'd encourage any business to take a close look at this solution."

By moving away from spreadsheets that don't meet their needs, users gain complete control and insight over their bank and business relationships. With CashView, businesses can obtain a true reality check of their business situation at any given point in time. Accounts payable and accounts receivable information is updated automatically - as soon as payments are made or received from the users bank account - instantaneously transforming into live and actionable data. The results are unheralded accuracy and visibility into the controlling aspects of the businesses' financial health and status.

With CashView, understanding the precise time to collect money from customers or when to pay bills is always right at the users' fingertips. CashView makes it a snap to send reminders for payments due, then make adjustments to project cash flow based on the expected date of payment or receipt, not just the original date entered into a spreadsheet.
"If cash flow forecasting is done with precision it helps the business," said Root. "If not, it really hurts the business. Even people that might already handle their cash flow reasonably well will find this solution makes the process far more accurate and easier."

The CashView Command and Control System is available immediately in beta for all customers. 

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