Richard Fleischman & Associates releases C1+1 messaging compliance system

Source: Richard Fleischman & Associates

Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA), a leading IT and telecom services provider for the financial services industry, announced today it has launched C1+1, a comprehensive messaging compliance and disaster recovery solution developed specifically to meet the needs of Hedge Fund managers.

C1+1 is a pre-configured, turn-key solution that can easily be added to C1+an existing network, collecting Email, Instant Messaging and Bloomberg, providing a single point of response for all compliance requests or internal tracking. Additionally, the solution offers unlimited use of RFA's secure, premium business continuity center in Westchester, New York.

"With all the scrutiny and recent SEC changes being applied to the Hedge Fund community, we saw the need for a comprehensive solution to mounting messaging compliance issues that includes SEC-compliance, cost-effectiveness and long-term disaster recovery and business continuity planning," said RFA President and Founder, Richard Fleischman. "C1+1 is positioned as a "one box" solution, providing both messaging compliance and real-time site replication, as well as 24/7 access to a fully-equipped business continuity center."

C1+1 adds to the functionality of RFA's premium messaging compliance solution, Compliance One (C1). Brian Kleber, an IT executive at K2 Advisors, a leading Fund of Funds, offers his opinion that "Implementing the Compliance One product, RFA was able to give us a turn-key solution that handles our needs for Email and instant message retention."

RFA's messaging compliance plus disaster recovery solution for Hedge Fund managers is the latest offering from RFA, a full service IT and telecom solutions provider since 1990. Built on the strength of deep bench, real industry expertise, this solution epitomizes the capabilities that have been a hallmark of the company-an industry leader since opening their doors sixteen years ago.

"Years ago, computer consulting firms were merely able to assist with networks, disaster recovery and firewalls. In my personal opinion, RFA has evolved into the premier computer consulting firm and this is evidenced by the fact that RFA, from the CEO down to the staff, has an incredible appreciation for value added service," said Andrew Rabinowitz, COO of Marathon Asset Management. "Further evidence is their incredible efforts advising us on updates to compliance servers and back ups. Based on RFA's advice, I believe we are able to succeed in an increasingly demanding compliance environment. As I once said, my Mom, the former school teacher, gave RFA an A but I think the RFA team has now gone on to graduate summa cum laude."

The features and benefits built into RFA's C1+1 include the following:

  • SEC-compliant integrated Email and IM compliance software at a better ROI than outsourced solutions
  • An IM component that will actively monitor and disable any other IM client not listed as an authorized platform
  • Bloomberg Email capture/archive capabilities
  • Production File data replicated in real-time to the RFA data center for access in the event of disaster
  • High Availability server, allowing for a high degree of redundancy, monitoring and fault tolerance
  • Monitoring by the RFA Network Center 24x7
  • Mailbox Management, reducing mailbox size, increasing performance of the production mail servers

In addition to RFA C1+1, RFA has an array of turn-key solutions ranging from the fully managed IT and telecom solution, RFA Compass, to RFA Harbor, providing cutting edge disaster recovery and business continuity planning, to a service and support-oriented solution, RFA Anchor.

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