Direct Edge launches historical trade and quote data service

Source: Direct Edge

Direct Edge, one of the world's leading U.S. equities exchange operators, announces the launch of EdgeBook CloudSM, a suite of on-demand services providing depth-of-book historical trade and quote data from the Direct Edge's two national securities exchanges - EDGA Exchange, Inc. and EDGX Exchange, Inc.

This dataset is delivered via the Xignite cloud technology platform and supports efficient market analysis, back-testing, and compliance review. The data suite includes EdgeBook Replay, EdgeBook Flex Download and EdgeBook Snapshot and is designed to provide deep data queries that can be easily integrated with end-user systems, without the burden of storing mass quantities of data.

"Our goal is to make EdgeBook Cloud the most comprehensive and intuitive market data product available," said Kevin Carrai, Head of Connectivity and Member Services at Direct Edge. "Unlike other services on the market, EdgeBook Cloud provides complete proprietary book data where users can quickly obtain the specific information they need, when they need it. Analysis can be performed that isolates a particular stock, or looks at its performance in comparison with others in a real-time simulation. It leverages Xignite's cloud architecture to provide a seamless and reliable interface and is fully customizable to perform downloads in the format that is most beneficial for the user."

The three delivery mechanisms are:

EdgeBook Flex Download -- Custom queries that deliver large data downloads on demand.
EdgeBook Replay -- Daily quote and trade data presented in precise chronological order and containing the exact messages as they were disseminated from our data feeds.
EdgeBook Snapshot -- Historical trade and quote data via an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows users to quickly automate requests for data and integrate them into their own systems.
"Direct Edge is an exchange that has shown its desire to explore innovative solutions for its Members," said Stephane Dubois, CEO of Xignite. "We look forward to an exciting collaboration that will push the on-demand cloud delivery of data to a higher level and set a standard that stays ahead of a rapidly changing market environment."

EdgeBook Cloud is expected to have broad applications for use by professionals such as compliance officers, electronic traders, analysts and the academic community. 

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