ADT ships anti-skimming kit

Source: ADT Business Solutions

ADT Business Solutions, a unit of Tyco International and the industry's leading security systems integrator in North America, today announced its next generation of ADT® Anti-Skim™ ATM Security solutions to help protect financial service companies and their customers from the rising threat of ATM skimming.

The new, advanced anti-skimming technology offers multilayered security to help protect ATM customers from this blend of electronic crime and cyber-fraud.

Installed inside the ATM, the enhanced ADT Anti-Skim ATM Security kit features technology that works on all major ATM makes and models. A more universal device with a compact footprint, the new kit's price allows the solution to be deployed on a broader and more cost-effective scale than before.

"According to the U.S. Secret Service, the average ATM skimming attack now accounts for over $50,000 in losses per incident and is expected to increase throughout the next five years," said John Pearce, Director of Marketing, Financial Services with ADT Business Solutions. "This growing crime poses significant dangers for financial institutions on a daily basis, and to prepare for these security challenges we developed the ADT Anti-Skim ATM kit to better help businesses stay ahead of skimming threats and protect customers from potential losses."

How it works

When a skimming attempt is detected, the ADT Anti-Skim kit is triggered into the alarm mode, generating sound and visual warnings on the control unit. In alarm mode, the kit also emits an omnidirectional magnetic pulse that disrupts the normal operation of the skimming device, rendering its operation useless. The ADT Anti-Skim kit:

Mitigates ATM card skimming crimes before they occur by disrupting the operation of card skimming devices placed on the ATM to gather the users financial data
Detects the presence of foreign devices on areas of the ATM where cameras, card slot skimming readers and keypad overlays may be placed
Generates audible and visual warnings when a fraud attempt is detected
Provides a full range of ATM card trapping, tamper and false-front protection
Helps protect the integrity of cardholders' personal financial information during ATM transactions
Integrates with alarm detection and video surveillance systems for layeredms for layered protection
Is FCC approved

"ADT's Anti-Skim ATM Security solution provides our clients with innovative technologies that help mitigate the growing concerns of ATM skimming," said Jay Hauhn, Chief Technology Officer for ADT Business Solutions. "This advanced anti-skimming technology enhances the ability to integrate with layered solutions like video surveillance, providing law enforcement with more evidence to investigate and prosecute crimes against retail banking facilities across North America."

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