QuantHouse extends low latency feed to Hotspot FX

Source: QuantHouse

QuantHouse, the leading provider of next generation trading solutions, announced the availability of its Hotspot FX feed handler, allowing algorithmic trading firms sub-millisecond access to one of the leading FX ECN (Electronic Communications Network) marketplaces.

Adoption of electronic trading continues to increase in the global FX market. Given that markets remain fragmented, the need to source multiple liquidity pools simultaneously has only strengthened the overall position of investing in new infrastructure.

In recent years, a new breed of active market participants has driven significant innovation in trading technology. As traders navigate through growing complexity within the marketplace, development and implementation of strategies have become a vital part of some of the more sophisticated FX traders.

The Hotspot FX feed handler allows clients to use ultra-low latency technologies to access Hotspot FX's program trading applications, providing a new level of functionality, with increased market transparency and greater control of the trading process - thus enabling better trade execution and reduced costs.

QuantHouse's ultra-low latency market data solution, QuantFEED, captures raw data from the exchange, performs sub-millisecond decoding and delivers normalized data through a single API (application programming interface).

Pierre Feligioni, General Manager and Founder of QuantHouse, said:

"One of the most significant changes facing the FX market is the substantial increase in trading activities from non-bank financial institutions. Addressing this trend, QuantHouse continues to develop key technology components to help buy-side firms build an effective presence in the marketplace."

John Miesner, Managing Director and Head of Global Sales at Hotspot FX, commented:

"Hotspot FX has experienced significant growth over the last two years as more FX traders seek the speed, transparency and flexibility of its platform. We are pleased to work with QuantHouse to provide its clients with access to real-time and historical data and low-latency connectivity - the key components of automated FX trading."

Stephane Leroy, Head of Global Sales & Marketing at QuantHouse, concluded:

"That's wherre QuantHouse and Hotspot FX fit in perfectly. We have successfully provided our clients with the business advantage to apply strategies across a full portfolio, including FX with an unprecedented level of control and a virtually limitless pool of trading opportunities."

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