Level Four introduces ATM TrueTest

Source: Level Four

Level Four Software, the leading provider of ATM testing and development software, has launched ATM TrueTest, a standalone harness to test Windows-based NCR and Diebold applications – NDC and 912 respectively.

ATM TrueTest undertakes automated testing of ATM applications – not a simulation – enabling financial institutions to benefit from testing at a desktop PC, reduced testing cycles and improved breadth and quality of ATM application testing. ATM TrueTest is part of Level Four's flagship ATM Channel Development Suite and uses XFS open standards to simulate all ATM hardware devices.

The majority of banks use pre-packaged "off the shelf" ATM application software, rather than the more costly option of developing programs in-house. As with all packaged software, vendors frequently introduce upgrades, add-ins and software patches to their ATM applications. This means banks need the capability for rapid and repeatable testing of the ATM applications for quality assurance prior to deployment. ATM TrueTest provides banks with this capability through automated testing of ATM software releases.

ATM TrueTest is a unique testing solution because it tests the actual NDC or 912 applications - not a simulation of the application. Furthermore, it is a standalone testing solution; ATM TrueTest is supplied with Level Four's ATM Host Simulator, which has been pre-scripted with NDC or 912 test messages. Used in conjunction with Level Four's ATM Reporter, ATM TrueTest automatically documents test results and provides a comparison versus expected results.

Martin Macmillan, CEO of Level Four Software, said: "We understand the business and technical requirements of financial institutions and have responded by evolving our proven products to meet market demand. Level Four's experience and expertise in ATM testing and development ensures that ATM TrueTest is a targeted solution for banks running NDC and 912 ATM applications."

Level Four's ATM TrueTest is a test harness that removes the need to perform ATM application build testing on a physical ATM. With ATM TrueTest, banks can "exercise" the ATM application directly from a desktop PC. The software version tested by ATM TrueTest is the same as would be deployed on the real ATM. The automated testing process improves accuracy before deployment and reduces overall testing timescales. The addition of customised test conditions can be made quickly and simply thanks to the flexibility inherent in ATM TrueTest's framework.

ATM TrueTest is part of Level Four's ATM Channel Development Suite, a comprehensive toolset providing simple customisation of ATM screens, rapid development of new ATM applications and end-to-end testing of the ATM network. Its automated test and development tools can simulate the most complex of ATM environments, making it highly suited to tackling the complexity of EMV and Triple-DES compliance, as well as simpler updates to ATM content and downloads.

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