IT2 upgrades treasury management system

Source: IT2 Treasury Solutions

IT2 Treasury Solutions today announces the latest version of its Treasury Management Solution, IT2 7.2: Treasury Transparency & Performance.

The launch addresses emerging demands on treasury with a series of major enhancements to the solution.

"IT2 7.2: Treasury Transparency & Performance delivers a greater degree of insight into treasury positions and performance through improvements across the IT2 reporting suite," explains Paul Higdon, Chief Technology Officer, IT2 Treasury Solutions. "In today's more demanding financial environment, effective treasury management requires total transparency and insight not only into cash positions and financial risks, but also into treasury policy, financial key controls and the performance of treasury against its objectives: IT2 7.2 delivers."

IT2 7.2 enables treasury to meet new demands placed on treasury by boards, regulation and financial volatility with a significant number of developments that anticipate emergent best practices. These include extended analytical capabilities and an enhanced interface incorporating interactive traffic-signal alerts. These enable treasurers to manage exposures against treasury policy, with click-through access to suggested deals to hedge or align exposures according to pre-set treasury or accounting thresholds.

A second generation eBAM solution is included alongside a new facility to manage collateral within IT2. IT2's remote, browser based solution, IT2 NET now gives treasurers a refreshing, totally streamlined user experience for managing information related to cash management, cash forecasting, deal request, netting, settlement and reporting purposes. The solution has been available since December 16th.

"IT2 7.2 provides flexible, totally modern reporting tools that deliver superior analysis, improved presentation and enhanced data visualisation in both IT2 and IT2 NET." concludes Higdon. "The latest innovations in IT2 7.2 deliver an accelerated route to treasury best practice, reduce the complexity of modern treasury and ultimately make treasury teams' lives easier." 

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