Lime Brokerage boasts nanosecond latency for pre-trade risk management

Source: Lime Brokerage

Lime Brokerage LLC ("Lime"), a Wedbush Company and preeminent provider of ultra low-latency, ultra high-throughput trading technologies and high-volume agency brokerage services, today announced the launch of LimeDirect™, an innovative risk management solution that "breaks" the microsecond barrier for pre-trade risk control. Results to date have yielded a benchmark average of less than 250 nanoseconds of added latency.

LimeDirect™ is a unique hybrid of Lime Brokerage hardware and software. Introducing near-zero latency, it provides an elegant pre-trade risk solution specifically designed to satisfy the direct and exclusive control requirements of the SEC Market Access Rule (15c3-5).

LimeDirect™ enables clients to use their existing market drivers, manage market connectivity, and add new order types at will (upon approval of the sponsoring broker), and new protocols with very little delay. LimeDirect™ is part of a comprehensive, but fully customizable solution wherein clients may choose to use Lime's market drivers for some markets, and their own drivers (LimeDirect™) where they are most concerned about latency and control.

"The performance of LimeDirect™ is outstanding. Our most latency sensitive clients now have the fastest solution available," said Jeff Bell, CEO of Lime. "We developed LimeDirect™ to end the discussion on latency and to provide a robust risk management solution where clients didn't have to trade speed for compliance."

David Polen, Managing Director of the Systematic Trading Division at Lime, adds, "LimeDirect™ offers near frictionless trading by allowing the client to control the market drivers and network. It's a flexible solution that can be deployed as a part of an existing platform or as a stand-alone technology service"

Founded in 2001 and privately-held, Lime Brokerage operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of WEDBUSH, Inc. headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

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