Ingenico deploys ATG call centre software

Source: Art Technology Group

ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc., NASDAQ: ARTG) the software provider behind the most consistent and relevant marketing, commerce, and service experiences, today announced that Ingenico, the world leader in secure electronic payment solutions for the financial and retail sector, has purchased and deployed ATG's KnowledgeCenter in order to improve upon the unparalleled support it provides customers through an agent-assisted call center.

Ingenico has purchased ATG KnowledgeCenter 6.0 call center software. The application is designed to quickly integrate with existing IT systems, enabling rapid roll out of the technology. Ingenico has gone "live" with KnowledgeCenter within 50 days of the project's start.

The purchase of ATG technology is designed to further augment the telephone support Ingenico provides to its customers 24 hours a day, everyday. One of the key cornerstones of Ingenico's market leadership is the quality of technical support it offers its clients, particularly in the aftermath of the deployment of Chip & PIN portable payment terminals in retail outlets. The decision to install ATG KnowledgeCenter is further indication of Ingenico's ongoing strategy to continuously improve the quality of this vital service.

This deployment is a clear sign that companies are now recognizing the business value of providing superior and consistent customer service. Analyst firm Gartner finds that "customer service and support has a 10% to 25% greater impact on customer loyalty and revenue than sales or marketing initiatives."

ATG's technology allows Ingenico to reduce the amount of time an agent spends on solving customer queries as it allows agents to be guided through automated resolution paths. In addition, KnowledgeCenter can reduce the volume of customer queries and problems that escalate to senior level intervention, as it can centralize access to all relevant repositories of information. This helps ensure that knowledge within the company can be easily shared.

Ingenico's deployment of the KnowledgeCenter will have a direct impact on ROI. The technology can analyze customer interactions to help Ingenico drive continuous quality and content improvement, and this, combined with a more efficient and accurate service, will increase customer loyalty. In addition, not only does the technology make the call center more streamlined and increase the volume of calls it can handle, it can also suggest to agents possible up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

"We chose ATG because the KnowledgeCenter application has excellent capabilities," said Malcolm Bushell, UK managing director, Ingenico. "It is adaptable to our specific needs, and we were also very impressed by the speed at which ATG was able to deploy the technology. These abilities, combined with ATG's track record in customer service, made the technology the clear solution to assist us in maintaining our leading market position in both product and customer services."

"This latest U.K customer win for ATG and the quick implementation is proof that companies are beginning to appreciate that technology can help them better manage customer service and relationships - service that is increasingly provided across multiple channels and through multiple departments," said Cliff Conneighton, senior vice president of marketing at ATG. "Ingenico's deployment of KnowledgeCenter will help them increase both customer loyalty and ROI."

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