Moneybox launches 24-Hour ATM kiosk in the Netherlands

Source: Moneybox

Moneybox Nederland B.V, a subsidiary of Moneybox plc and the largest independent deployer of ATMs in the Netherlands, today announced the launch of a 24-hour ATM Kiosk.

The Moneybox 24-hour ATM kiosk is the first ATM to be installed externally in The Netherlands. Moneybox has already successfully developed the concept in the UK, installing over 130 freestanding kiosks in 2004 offering secure 24-hour cash availability.

Free-standing kiosks are designed to be installed in prominent locations and their greater visibility has proved highly effective in generating transactions. As a result, Moneybox has found them particularly effective in helping it to win new contracts.

Moneybox is already well represented in the Netherlands with around 170 machines deployed. Most of these are located inside convenience stores and leisure outlets, and complement the bank-owned machines deployed mainly in branch locations and high traffic public transport terminals.

Customers pay a charge for each withdrawal, typically Euro 2.50 The new Kiosk ATMs will provide further consumer choice in this market.

Rob Bronkhorst, General Manager of Moneybox Nederland B.V. explains: "There is still a large need for cash, though cash is not always easy to get except in high traffic locations. The Moneybox 24-hour ATM kiosk makes it easier and quicker to fulfil that need. This is not only good for the consumer but also for the stores around this new 24-hour ATM kiosk, because where cash withdrawals take place, cash will be spent."

Moneybox will roll out the first 24-hour ATM kiosks throughout April at various motorway locations including sites owned by Shell and Esso, and in a Media Park location in Hilversum.

Commenting on the launch, Peter McNamara, Executive Chairman of Moneybox plc, said: "24-Hour ATM Kiosks are another example of our innovative approach to the ATM market, and this development is driven by our aim to provide customers with genuine choice and convenience in accessing their cash. As well as being a leading independent ATM deployer in the UK, we also have promising European businesses. This new product will help us further develop our business in both markets."

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