ConvergEx opens algo access to new Asian markets

Source: ConvergEx

ConvergEx Group, a leading technology company, today announced that it has added algorithmic access to new markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea.

ConvergEx additionally announced today that it has also upgraded the underlying execution logic for its complete range of European and Asian algorithms. Using sophisticated analytic technology from its proprietary TCA engine, PerformEx(SM), ConvergEx's dedicated team of financial engineers has enhanced the logic in these algorithms to more accurately predict the best location and timing to send an order to help customers seek to obtain best execution.

"We are very pleased to offer our customers algorithms for these four additional countries. As growth in emerging markets accelerates, we understand how important it is to give our customers the most advanced capabilities for trading in these regions so that they can stay one step ahead of their competition," said William Capuzzi , president of ConvergEx's global execution business. "And as the European and Asian dark and lit markets continue to undergo seismic changes, we remain committed to continually upgrading our algorithmic technology to keep our customers on the cutting edge of execution technology."

ConvergEx's electronic execution tools, include sophisticated algorithms, advanced direct market access order types, a smart order suite, transaction cost analysis, and an ADR product suite. They offer powerful tools to enable access to more than 55 electronic markets.

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