The Kyte Group selects Activ Financial

Source: Activ Financial

Activ Financial, a global provider of fully managed low-latency and enterprise market data solutions, today announced that The Kyte Group, an integrated clearing, broking and investment service provider for professional traders and investors around the world, selected Activ to provide global underlying equities data for its futures, options and cash equity clients.

Activ will be providing Kyte clients with the Activ API (application programming interface) in addition to managing all of its exchange feeds through its Vendor of Record services. Activ API users can leverage the company's high-performance aggregation, middleware and distribution technologies, including Activ's hardware-accelerated solution MPU, to streamline workflow, improve throughput and dramatically reduce systemic latency. Activ's Vendor of Record offering is an exchange approved permissioning system that allows Activ to manage permissioning for data sets including exchange sources, internal data and even field level permissioning where approved by the relevant exchange.

Paul O'Hare, Head of DMA & Trading Services at The Kyte Group said, "Our futures, options and cash equity clients have a requirement to see the underlying data of what they are trading and Activ, with the most robust global equities data and lowest latency, performance and quality in the industry, was an obvious partner for us."

"Activ is pleased to be working with The Kyte Group to provide their clients with the information they need to get their job done," said Dane Thacker, Sales Director, EMEA at Acitv Financial. "Our superior global data combined with the strength of our Vendor of Record services uniquely positions Activ as an enterprise-wide provider of low latent, high quality information for the European region." 

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