Swissrisk upgrades X-Gen

Source: Swissrisk Financial Systems

Swissrisk Financial Systems announces the release of X-Gen 4, bringing major new functionality to existing and new customers.

Swissrisk' X-Gen, a SWIFT certified product suite, is used by over 60 financial institutions worldwide to automate and improve the efficiency of their business processes. In addition to a comprehensive suite of technical connectivity X-Gen provides a powerful workflow engine and ready-to-use messaging modules for both technical and business monitoring. A fully graphical rule-designer and a Web-screen builder will shorten development and project roll-out times leading to faster time-to-market for bespoke client developments.

With the new "X-Gen Rule-designer" clients will be able to manage complex installations by grouping workflow and processing rules according to their respective business functionality and context. In addition, X-Gen 4 provides a new profiling system, impact analysis, integration into existing source-control-systems and an integrated resource controller. These enhancements not only reduce and optimise project development cycles but drastically simplify rule maintenance across complex installations. An Alert Management system and a customizable web-based monitoring dashboard will allow immediate exception handling. Additionally, customers will benefit from a multi-layered business monitoring suite which displays an "end-to-end" process view incorporating all of the workflow steps and standard messaging functionality such as SWIFT ISO150022, SWIFT ISO20022, FIX, EMX as well as Real-Time Market data.

X-Gen is fully SOA compliant and has an integrated Web-Service framework allowing X-Gen to seamlessly interact with 3rd party applications, supporting connectivity to other messaging systems (such as MQ Series) all major database providers as well as XML, CSV, COBOL and flat file message transport.

Dirk Vesper, VP Product Management at Swissrisk says "Our new X-Gen 4 is a best of breed solution which combines advantages gained from enterprise integration functionality together with powerful business solutions for financial markets such as exchange connectivity, securities and funds automation, SWIFT processing, transmission of Tax-relevant Information, SEPA clearing or payments investigations."

Andreas Wagner, member of the Management Board of Swissrisk says: "As the financial community runs through a permanent process of mergers and acquisitions and at the same time needs to adapt to regulatory and market driven changes, X-Gen helps our clients reduce process complexity dramatically and ideally embeds into heterogeneous business and IT landscapes. Besides its messaging and workflow capabilities, X-Gen has now been further developed to a powerful business application development suite". 

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