TSE taps KVH for market information delivery service

Source: KVH

KVH Co., Ltd., Asia's leading information delivery platform providing integrated cloud and network solutions, announced that Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has selected KVH IaaS as its platform for a beta version of "TSE Market Impact View," a new market information delivery service to be launched on a trial basis today.

The new "TSE Market Impact View" offers visual online analytics based on the latest order status by "FLEXFull," TSE's market information system. This innovative service is the first of its kind to be introduced to the market, and enables institutional investors and market participants to gain a visual understanding of their order status in real time. This service will be available as a free trial service during the initial stages of the launch.

TSE's new service required a platform that enables real-time analytical processing and the delivery of high-volume data, and also has high scalability to cater for rapid growth or a sudden unexpected need for extra computing resources. TSE decided to utilize cloud services to maximize cost efficiency and ensure high scalability, and selected KVH's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (KVH IaaS) platform to fulfill these needs.

KVH IaaS was evaluated for flexibility in providing hybrid cloud and traditional system configurations and rapid delivery time in addition to high reliability and scalability as basic cloud features.

KVH IaaS delivers a highly scalable, secure, and configurable multi-tenant platform that utilizes KVH's leading-edge data centers and high-speed networks, which are specifically engineered to meet the mission-critical needs of the financial industry. As a hybrid configuration, the "TSE Market Impact View" platform connects to the "FLEXFull" system at a KVH data center and utilizes servers, storage infrastructure, and networks on the KVH IaaS cloud platform. This configuration enables the platform to ensure a high level of security for "FLEXFull," allowing TSE to capitalize on the low cost of cloud services, while also delivering smooth expansion capabilities in case the number of end-users or amount of data were to suddenly increase.

Richard Warley, President and CEO of KVH said, "We are very pleased that TSE has selected KVH IaaS as the platform for its newly launched service, whie, which requires a highly sophisticated level of service quality. KVH IaaS will allow the platform to scale efficiently with the rapid increase in users expected from to the growing HFT market in Japan. With our information delivery platform strategy allowing enterprise customers to store, process, protect and deliver their vital business information, KVH continues to strengthen its capabilities in cloud services for the financial services industry." 

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