Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union boosts member adoption of IMM TotaleAtlasWeb

Source: Integrated Media Management

Integrated Media Management (IMM), a document output management and automation technology provider, today announced that Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union has enabled member access to TotaleAtlasWeb through its home banking channel.

The 36,000-member institution first implemented IMM's TotaleAtlasWeb a few years ago and wanted to enhance its member authentication within the remote digital signature capture solution. Rather than utilizing third-party knowledge-based authentication, TotaleAtlasWeb allows the home banking login to act as another layer in identifying Abilene Teachers FCU's members. In addition, members now receive an email notice to view and sign without a URL link to seamlessly complete documents. This approach adds another layer of security and complies with the latest FFIEC supplemental guidance, but is also more convenient for members.

Stephanie Moncla, chief information officer at Abilene Teachers FCU, explained, "Digital signature technology has definitely become an integral member retention tool for us; it extends our reach to serve non-local members and provides another option to those in close proximity to our branches to complete loans anytime they want. IMM's TotaleAtlasWeb offers our members a secure way to sign documents online at literally any time, anywhere."

With public key infrastructure (PKI) technology, Knowledge Based Authentication and encrypted document transmission, TotaleAtlasWeb provides the most secure, enforceable remote signatures available. Documents cannot be tampered with in any way. The technology offers a safer delivery alternative and drives greater efficiencies and cost savings in the lending process.

"IMM began integrating with multiple Internet banking providers about one year ago to provide our clients with the choice of using home banking as the preferred method for members to start the TotaleAtlasWeb process," said Chuck Klein, CEO of Integrated Media Management. "As seen with Abilene Teachers FCU, this has greater member appeal because it drives members to home banking through a trusted home banking portal." 

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