Edgar Online ships I-Metrix Enterprise analytics platform

Source: Edgar Online

EDGAR® Online, Inc.(NASDAQ: EDGR), a premier provider of fundamental financial data, analytics and disclosure management services, today announced the launch of I-Metrix Enterprise, the latest version of its popular I-Metrix Professional risk analysis platform.

I-Metrix, which provides company information and detailed XBRL-tagged financial data on more than 12,000 publicly traded organizations, allows analysts at corporations and investment firms to quickly analyze risk on the companies, industries and sectors of interest to them.

EDGAR Online I-Metrix Enterprise is geared towards organizations that require multiple internal stakeholders to build robust financial models and analyze financial information. By leveraging the speed and depth of EDGAR Online's data in an intuitive platform, management can be confident that all of their professionals are quickly identifying opportunities and analyzing trends in the data, allowing them to see risk ahead of the curve and make more insightful decisions.

Key benefits of the I-Metrix platform include:

SEC Filings: Searches, alerts and analytics on the largest repository of U.S. public company filings, which reduces the time spent on identifying key information in filed documents and enables resources to perform more value added activities like interpreting results.
Access to 10,000 as-reported and normalized data items from the source documents, allowing managers to greatly expand the capabilities of their existing financial models and find new and unique ways to identify companies, partners, suppliers, and investments that will provide greater returns.
Flexible Excel modeling and report building capabilities that allow users to automate their existing financial models, empowering them to spend more time creating insightful reports. I-Metrix's unique "link back to source" functionality increases the speed in which analysts can perform tasks like off balance sheet adjustments.

"I-Metrix is perfect for executives who want their entire staff to have access to a simple, but flexible, financial analytics solution," said David Frankel , chief marketing officer for EDGAR Online. "Whether you are a portfolio manager looking to find hidden bits of information in a filing in a filing or an analyst at a corporation performing governance risk and compliance (GRC) analysis on your company and your competitors, I-Metrix is a high value alternative to other options in the market. People typically recognize EDGAR Online for our expertise in using XBRL to produce financial documents, but I am excited that they can now leverage our risk analytics capabilities across their entire firm."

"I-Metrix Enterprise solves a huge problem for management teams at our clients and prospects," said Jason Swetnam , vice president of sales for EDGAR Online. "The costs of performing financial analysis at corporations and investment firms have skyrocketed, but not in conjunction with the value being delivered. The I-Metrix platform makes it easy for firms to put powerful financial risk analytics on everyone's desktop, without increasing their costs. I expect that our EDGAR Pro customers are going to love the increased functionality and switch to I-Metrix as well."

I-Metrix is powered by XBRL financial statement data and comes with analytical tools that quickly provide accurate information. That information includes financial statements filed in XBRL between 1999 and the present, all SEC filings since the 1990s, complete company profiles including stock price performance and news, institutional and insider ownership profiles, and public offering summaries and details. Using I-Metrix tools, users can easily compare companies based on financial statement data or ratios and customize dashboards to facilitate tracking. The browser-based interface is an intuitive entry for one-click financial footnote access and financial screening functionality with more than 200 preset variables.

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