TSE and Nyse agree mutual network connection

Source: Nyse

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Atsushi Saito; hereinafter, "TSE") and NYSE Euronext (Location: New York, NY, CEO: Duncan Niederauer) have signed a "Master Agreement" regarding a mutual connection between TSE's arrownet™ and NYSE Euronext's Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI®).

The Master Agreement comes as a result of the collaboration initiated by an LOI signed by both parties on March 1st,2011 (US time). The connection between the two networks has been installed as of the signing of this agreement.

TSE and NYSE are set to launch new services in anticipation of new arrownet in the coming spring, including access to both exchange operators' markets using the existing network environments for trading participants, investors, service providers and other users of both networks. Additionally, NYSE Technologies, the technology unit of NYSE Euronext, will commence distributing TSE market data using this connection in December, 2011.

Mr. Saito, President & CEO of TSE, commented "I am delighted to conclude this Master Agreement regarding a mutual network connection with NYSE Euronext. arrownet™ is a highly reliable information and telecommunications network to which the majority of stock market participants in Japan connect. We look forward to utilizing the SFTI network, which stands as a global network for a multitude of attractive markets and their participants, improving convenience and access to trading opportunities for users, while invigorating both markets. Moving forward, we will continue expanding the range of services which utilize this mutual connection with SFTI® and secure TSE's place as the hub exchange for Asia."

Mr. Niederauer, CEO of NYSE Euronext said, "We are very pleased to successfully implement this important link between the TSE and our global SFTI network. As we launch our Tokyo Liquidity Center and continue the expansion of our network in Asia, this linkage reaffirms the strength and value of our relationship and further extends the unique value both organizations can offer the global trading community. We believe this presents a particularly compelling solution for investors accessing our diverse, multi-asset markets."

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