Creditcall to launch smartphone PIN terminal

Source: CreditCall

In collaboration with its banking partner, CreditCall is launching CardEase Mobile, a mobile payment app that from 1st December 2011 enables businesses on the move to accept Chip and PIN credit and debit card payments on a BlackBerry or Android device.

CardEase Mobile is completely secure. It's been fully tested by UK banks, is EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) certified, and is approved by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Uniquely, it incorporates bank-grade end-to-end encryption, ensuring data cannot be compromised at any time during a transaction.

CardEase Mobile turns a BlackBerry or Android smartphone or tablet, in conjunction with a Bluetooth PIN pad, into a secure mobile credit card terminal which processes both Chip and PIN and magnetic stripe card transactions. Receipts for the transactions are provided by text message or email, directly from the smartphone.

Many types of mobile businesses such as tradespeople, repair or delivery services right through to market traders, beauticians and personal trainers can now accept Chip and PIN payments on their mobile phone, without the hassle of cheques or cash. Provided they own a BlackBerry or Android device, have a merchant account with one of our partners and a mobile signal, card payments can be taken wherever their business takes them. The card reader/PIN pad and the mobile app is provided as part of the package from CreditCall's acquiring bank partners.

CreditCall Marketing Director, Pete Alcock commented, "There are a number of card acceptance apps emerging at the moment which are clearly non-compliant with UK banking rules, some of which don't even support Chip and PIN. With CardEase Mobile we have done the job properly and engineered the first solution that meets ALL the current UK requirements, so as to protect both cardholders and merchants from fraud, abuse and chargebacks." He added, "As a leader and innovator in this industry, security and compliance are paramount to us which is why no cardholder sensitive data is stored on the smartphone or card reader, and all data traffic is encrypted."

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