Carreker adds Micrographic research and data retrieval technology to Express Research

Source: Carreker

Carreker Corporation (Nasdaq: CANI), a leading provider of technology and consulting solutions for the financial industry, announced today the formation of an alliance with leading document management provider Micrographic Sciences, Inc. (MSI) to integrate MSI's Advanced Network Foldering (ANF) solution with Carreker's common, enterprisewide, Express Research solution.

Under the agreement Carreker will recommend the integrated solution to institutions that require a more efficient request, retrieval, and distribution process as well as to existing users of its research and adjustments software (called Innovasion) when these clients upgrade to Express Research.

Carreker's Express Research is a web-based solution that provides centralized, self-service management of exception and customer service requests. By integrating image archive, data repositories, all items data and microfilm technology, it dramatically streamlines the research process as it improves efficiency, reduces expenses and enhances customer service. Express Research enables research requests to flow automatically through the enterprise, from point of entry to delivery, using system rules and maintainable, customizable parameters.

MSI's Advanced Network Foldering is an automated microfilm, document, and digital image retrieval, foldering, and distribution solution that allows the client to maintain their existing data archives while transitioning to Express Research. It offers support for state-of-the-art retrieval devices, legacy retrieval devices, and cutting edge digital archive retrieval and adds increased functionality and better image quality to existing systems.

Paul F. Puttman, president, Micrographic Sciences said, "As financial institutions increasingly migrate to a more efficient, automated research process, it will be critical for them to leverage their existing infrastructure, including historical archives and user interfaces. Advanced Network Foldering will allow them to bridge the gap between legacy equipment and newer systems to enable faster, easier and more cost-effective data retrieval."

"Researching and responding to customer requests can be costly and labor intensive. This process can be further complicated in a blended payments environment, where item data is stored in multiple systems, and requests are received from multiple departmental applications," said John Carreker, president, Global Payments Technology, Carreker. "As banks look to improve the research process while reducing costs, having a common platform like Express Research and Advanced Network Foldering will serve this purpose and dramatically improve customer service."

J.D. (Denny) Carreker said, "As the banking industry continues its shift from paper to imaging to achieve operational efficiencies, our clients are faced with additional research challenges. We continue to devise solutions and alliances that will enable banks to leverage the transition to their operational and customer advantage."

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