CMA unveils pricing data products

Source: CMA

CMA is pleased to announce two new pricing data products for ABS, MBS, CDO and CLOs.

CMA ABSparsing

CMA ABSparsing is a new solution built by CMA to parse ABS auction and offering price runs received by front-office professionals in the structured credit market. The service parses and organises a firms ABS pricing emails into a format that is easy to use and integrate into internal systems.

CMA ABSparsing processes data from auction price talk, colour and offering email runs. The data can be used for the analysis of pre- and post-ABS auction information, the creation of historical time series and supports the mark-to-market process for ABS contracts.

CMA Datavision ABS

CMA Datavision ABS adds a new asset class to CMA's existing same-day pricing services. The new product provides independent, market observed OTC pricing for up to 10,000 structured credit securities including ABS, CMBS and RMBS products. The pricing data is composed of traded and sell-side offering prices sourced directly from up to 40 of the largest and most active market participants. The data is organised, cleaned, validated and delivered on a same-day basis within a .CSV file.

CMA Datavision ABS provides timely and accurate market observed pricing which can be used by risk managers, valuation and price verification teams to enable more accurate data analysis and support the mark-to-market process. 

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