Rolfe & Nolan adds Java front-end to RanOrder product as trading volumes grow


Rolfe & Nolan Systems Inc. today announced a series of developments marking the substantial advancement of its RANorder product suite.

Core order processing volume for RANorder grew by 35% in 2003, and with the addition of five new customers in the final quarter of last year, the company expects to process in excess of 10,000,000 contracts in 2004.

These five new customers, which will be processing electronic and open outcry orders, include a Chicago-based proprietary trading group, two large Chicago-based FCMs, a large St. Louis-based brokerage firm, and a large international bank.

"With a string of prominent new customers and record trading volumes, the RANorder product suite has achieved a new benchmark of success," said Bob Sylverne, chief executive officer at Rolfe & Nolan Inc. "More firms than ever are understanding the value of our order routing engine and the cost-efficiency of our outsourced ASP delivery model. We can only expect this impressive RANorder growth to continue as we proceed with the release of our new trading front-end, 'Edge'."

The project to build 'Edge', a new state-of-the-art front-end trading application, has been headed by SVP of order routing technology, Bill Herder. 'Edge' is a Java-based execution tool designed for use by all types of traders, from low volume retail users to the institutional and professional market participants.

"The Edge application was designed by industry professionals, with input from traders and customers, to ensure that it meets today's demanding electronic trading requirements," said Herder. "Like all of our front end interfaces, Edge will offer robust credit control and wide-ranging connectivity, including the new U.S. Futures Exchange [Eurex] API. It offers an intuitive, easy-to-use look and feel, and its thin client application makes it a truly scalable product. This underlying functionality, combined with versatile Java technology, positions Edge to become the new standard in the futures and options industry."

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