SpryWare upgrades Proximity Cloud

Source: SpryWare

SpryWare, a premier provider of Ultra Low Latency feed handlers and direct market data technology, today announced the completion of their latest hosted environment giving access to North American real-time data feeds and feed handler technology via their Proximity Cloud.

The consumer will access the data without traditional hardware infrastructure purchases and be able to focus on data needs and trading strategies, avoiding constant hardware upgrades to manage ever increasing market data rates and volumes.

The Proximity Cloud is built with a state-of-the-art 10GE network infrastructure from Arista, Cisco, and SolarFlare. The SpryWare Market Information Servers are deployed in key data centers in New York and Chicago to take full advantage of proximity to exchanges and liquidity centers. This separates the SpryWare Proximity Cloud form general commercial cloud environments in the sense that the client is aware of the physical install location and knows the focus is to maintain Ultra Low latency.

"The SpryWare Cloud environment is an easy way for trading firms to access premier real-time market data without going through all the hoops of configuring servers and rack space" says Daniel Curry, Director of Sales at SpryWare. "Based on the individual client's data needs we analyze and configure their back-end for them. All they need to do is configure our normalized API and connect to us. Moving forward, all hardware maintenance and upgrades are handled by SpryWare" continues Daniel Curry.

The SpryWare Proximity Cloud is available immediately. Co-location and a direct cross-connect is offered for faster connectivity. Pricing is based on data needs and number of feed handlers required.

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