Panini unveils scanner management software

Source: Panini

Today, at the Bank Administration Institute's (BAI) Retail Delivery Conference & Expo in Chicago, Panini is introducing the latest breakthrough solution from their continuous innovation program; Panini Avantor.

This scanner management software is a platform for Panini scanner monitoring and asset management, security and performance optimization. Incorporating the industry-leading reliability, quality and performance customers expect from Panini, Panini Avantor allows financial institutions and enterprises to better manage their distributed capture solutions while optimizing overall performance.

"We understand the challenges associated with managing a distributed capture solution, especially as deployments have grown in the market. Panini Avantor will protect and extend our customers' investment in Panini technology by providing the ability to easily monitor and optimize scanner performance," says Michael Pratt, Chief Marketing Officer, Panini.

The first of its kind in the distributed capture market, Panini Avantor is designed to be flexible, scalable, and adaptable, allowing customers to configure the solution based on their unique environment and business requirements. The solution provides monitoring and reporting on scanner performance, including real-time alerts allowing proactive intervention, asset management capabilities, and active support for new scanner deployments. Additionally, the intuitive, easy to use graphical "dashboard" style user interface and flexible reporting options offer seamless integration with pre-existing databases and management systems.

Panini Avantor leverages the experience and solution advancements achieved with the Panini Dashboard, Panini's first generation solution for scanner management. The Panini Dashboard will continue to be available for customers, and has already been adopted by leading financial institutions.

Panini Avantor features a web-based open architecture featuring database and browser independence, enabling support for a wide variety of distributed environments including:
1. Financial Institutions - Branch Image Capture - Financial institutions with branch capture solutions can maintain efficiency of their equipment and reduce total cost of ownership. They can also control and manage assets, and improve user experience by maximizing scanner uptime, availability, and performance.

2. Financial Institutions & Enterprises - Remote Deposit Capture - Panini Avantor is perfectly suited for managing devices which are not under the bank's direct control providing risk mitigation and anti-fraud benefits, supported by Avantor's unique "Geolocation" capability to identify a scanner's physical location in real-time. Additionally, the end user enjoys an improved user experience and greater system availability which preserves RDC benefits by minimizing costs associated with failed transactions and system downtime.

"Availability and performance are critical success factors associated with distributed capture," notes Larry Blaney, EVP Sales & Marketing, Cachet Financial Solutions, a distribute capture software application provider. "It only makes sense to incorporate device management software like Panini is offering to optimize overall system performance." 

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