Epson ships new multi-function tellers

Source: Epson

Epson America, Inc., a leading supplier of value-added banking and payments solutions, today at the BAI Retail Delivery Show introduced a new class of teller device that sets the performance standard in branch capture technology.

Epson's new TM-S2000 and TM-S9000 multifunction devices offer industry-leading MICR accuracy, check scanning speed, image quality and the longest warranty in their classes, along with a range of additional functions not found in any single devices available today. Both Epson products deliver maximum functionality in the smallest possible footprint, allowing tellers to perform more tasks and enabling financial institutions to replace standalone peripherals to reduce hardware costs, increase valuable counter space and shorten customer transaction time.

"These innovative products represent a new class of branch banking technology," commented Mike Helm, Director of Sales and Marketing, Epson Business Systems Division. "With built-in color ID scanning, endorsement printing, cashier check printing and a mag stripe reader, you're getting more horsepower in one footprint than any conventional product. We're proud to be the first to market with a new class of multifunction teller device, and we value the feedback we received from our most valued banking customers that led us in this direction." By enabling tellers to perform many transactions with a single, easy-to-use device, banks can improve workflow and significantly reduce branch hardware costs. Human factors were critical to the TM-S2000 and TM-S9000 product designs, resulting in exceptionally compact footprints with recessed connectors, fewer covers and moving parts and self-diagnostics to minimize maintenance time and improve ease of operation.

Epson TM-S2000 and TM-S9000 Multifunction Devices

Designed for versatile operation, Epson's TM-S2000 and TM-S9000 are the only banking products with an inkjet printer for cashier's checks and boasts the highest image quality of any product in its class. Both products deliver the highest check processing speed and MICR accuracy of any desktop scanner available today. Other features include:

* Fastest check processing speed in its class, up to 200 DPM
* Highest DPM
* Highest MICR accuracy in its class with enlarged MICR head to accurately read skewed checks
* 2-sided color ID scanning
* 15 lines of endorsement printing
* Optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader
* Industry-leading two-year limited warranty

Additional Features of Epson's TM-S9000 Multifunction Device

In addition to all the features of the TM-S2000, Epson's new TM-S9000 combines more functions in a single device than any other integrated teller device available today. While competitive "stacked" solutions require multiple power supplies, cables and drivers, Epson's TM-S9000 is the only fully integrated device made by a single manufacturer. It also includes Epson's best-selling TM-T88V thermal receipt printer, the fastest banking thermal printer available.

* Fully-integrated design with single power supply cable and driver
* Integrated thermal receipt printer with print speed up to 300mm per second
* Paper reduction mode to reduce receipt length, enabling a paper savings of up to 30%

Both Epson's TM-S2000 and Epson's TM-S9000 multifunction teller devices will be available Q1 2012 through Epson's sales and distribution channels. For more information on Epson's full line of financial solutions, please visit

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