The BX Berne eXchange rolls out Macd platform

Source: Macd

The BX Berne eXchange introduces the new stock exchange platform Aixecute today.

The BX Berne eXchange introduces the new stock exchange platform Aixecute today. The whole trading of shares, bonds, funds and derivatives migrated to the new platform, which
adds a new trading front end and a new FIX interface. Also BEKB | BCBE switched its OTC-X trading platform to Aixecute a few weeks ago.

MACD developed the entire exchange platform, including the website, trade reporting and settlement links in less than 15 months.

Luca Schenk, CEO BX Berne eXchange, said: "The new platform is highly efficient and extensively compatible with the main trading clients: switching costs for new exchange participants are reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the good cooperation with George Macdonald, his team and the fixed price policy of MACD, we were able to manage a straightforward migration.

George Macdonald, CEO MACD, commented: "We had a successful working partnership with BX Berne eXchange and the trading participants. Now we look forward to a long term collaboration with the BX Berne eXchange and are pleased to welcome the exchange's participants to the GLOX network. Through our GLOX trading client, becoming an exchange participant has become very simple." 

Aixecute is scalable for increasing volumes and can be used for any asset class. It is designed for stock exchanges or bank internal markets needing a one stop package and encompasses all elements necessary for running an exchange or trading platform:
• Matching engine
• Interfaces to market data vendors
• Trading front end (GLOX)
• FIX Connectivity
• Link to settlement
• Reporting
• Invoicing
• Webseite hosting
• Index calculation

The name Aixecute is a combination of "Aix-La-Chapelle" and "to execute". Aix-La-Chapelle is the French name for Aachen, domicile of MACD, on the German border to Belgium and the Netherlands. 

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