TransactTools reports record FIX transaction volumes at Archipelago Exchange


ttCONNECT, the messaging engine at the core of the INTELLIGENT CONNECTIVITY Platform, currently routes over 60 million FIX messages every day in and out of the Archipelago Exchange (ArcaEx). Since ArcaEx completed its migration to the new exchange technology in January of 2004, the TransactTools platform has been responsible for routing, translating, monitoring, and certifying all electronic order flow for over 700 direct customer connections and a record of over 800 million shares in a single day. In one of the highest-performance and highest-volume electronic exchanges in the world, the TransactTools platform has scaled right along with explosive growth in trading volumes.

"This is really exciting because ArcaEx's FIX implementation is easily the largest in terms of volume and throughput," noted Sam Johnson, CEO of TransactTools. "Like most vendors, we benchmark our technology in the lab. But rather than play the how-many-messages-per-second game, we believe the real proof of the technology is how it performs in the real world. We're lucky to have one of the most demanding customer implementations in ArcaEx."

While ttCONNECT serves as the high-performance FIX interface to the outside world, every message is monitored in real time by ttALERT, providing ArcaEx staff with views and alerts on key trading statistics including order acknowledgment times.

Steve Rubinow, CTO of ArcaEx, says, "After evaluating our options, we selected TransactTools as the strategic messaging platform for ArcaEx going forward. We've never questioned that decision, and the reliability of the platform speaks for itself. The technology is solid and the functionality very comprehensive. But just as importantly, the level of service we get from TransactTools is first-rate. Their professional services group has helped us design and build the applications around their products, and they've been a critical part of our success in launching the exchange platform."

Archipelago pioneered automated FIX certification in 2001 with the launch of ArcaCERT. Built on the ttCERT testing server, ArcaCERT validates transaction-level compatibility of all external systems connecting to ArcaEx. Since its launch, ArcaCERT has automated pre-production certification for all customer FIX interfaces.

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