Sterci launches financial messaging product suite

Source: Sterci

Sterci, the international leader in financial messaging technology, today announced at SIBOS the launch of GTSuite, a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for messaging,reconciliation, business flows integration and data management.

GTSuite is the latest development of Sterci's award-winning software solutions, now rebranded to better reflect their unique market-redefining functionality and the company's recent global expansion.
Collectively, the integrated Sterci GTSuiteĀ® products form part of a total Global Transaction solution, with each of the four modular applications available separately or combined, depending on business requirements. This flexibility extends to the deployment model, with each GT application available as in inhouse licensed product or as an outsourced hosted service from their Global Transaction Platform.
GTSuite is comprised of five outstanding best-in-class solutions:
GTExchange - Formerly known as Stelink, GTExchange is a high-performance multi-network financial messaging hub. Supremely powerful, fully configurable, it provides a total connection solution to a full range of SWIFTNet services and other external and internal networks. It supports high volume and complex message flows from multiple counterparties in any format. A Single Window overview delivers control,transparency and proven efficiencies to organisations around the globe.
GTMatch - Formerly known as Stematch, GTMatch is an enterprise-wide reconciliation and exception management solution that dramatically improves operational efficiency whilst reducing risk exposure. It provides real-time reconciliation and visibility across all business lines and market instruments. GTMatch is the only product to be officially SWIFT certified with the highest level of accreditation for seven years in succession, and was the first in 2011 to be granted the coveted SWIFTReady Reconciliation label. GTFrame - Formerly known as Steform, GTFrame provides comprehensive transformation and business flows integration services. Regardless of the format and protocol, GTFrame is the ideal tool to ensure complete interoperability between legacy, national, SEPA and XML messaging standards. GTFrame was the first SWIFT certiT ceFT certiT certified solution for SWIFTNet Funds and is a highly scalable service, able to deliver significant cost reductions through improving business process automation.
GTData - Formerly known as KeyData, GTData is a multi-provider and high volume data management application, enabling comprehensive market data selection and acquisition for Valuation Pricing, Corporate Actions Processing and Securities 'Golden Copy' generation. Sterci GTData allows clients to build a centralised master file integrating and consolidating internal flows and pool multiple market feeds, including SIX Telekurs, Bloomberg, Reuters, WM Daten, Interactive Data, DTCC, among many others.
GTP (Global Transaction Platform) - The cost and scalability benefits of outsourced and hosted 'cloud' solutions are become increasingly attractive. In response to this need, all Sterci GTSuite products are available as an on-demand service from their Global Transaction Platform (GTP). In partnership with the London-based majority-owned subsidiary Simplex, the GTP provides a seamless integration of GTSuite business solutions, bringing together transactional banking, multi-bank connectivity and full data integration and reconciliation. This proven outsourced solution is the major 'white-label' managed services provider to some of the world's largest transaction banks. Simon Kalfon, Sterci Chief Executive Officer, stated: "With the launch of GTSuite, Sterci is in an excellent position to communicate our market leading messaging solutions to a global audience.
Individually, each GTSuite application provides outstanding business efficiencies for users. The 'global transaction' rebranding is a clearer description of the unique functionality and more clearly emphasises the comprehensive solution they provide as a harmonious and integrated proposition."
Sterci is exhibiting at SIBOS Toronto, and solution experts will be showcasing the GTSuite at stand M120 throughout the week.

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