Payvment introduces developer platform

Source: Payvment

Payvment, the number one Facebook ecommerce platform, today announced the launch of Open Payvment, a new development platform that enables application developers and service providers to integrate their offerings with Payvment and build new apps using Payvment's social commerce infrastructure.

Payvment-enabled applications will gain immediate exposure to more than 100,000 registered sellers using the Payvment social commerce platform.

"Payvment is the first foray into e-commerce for many new sellers - as their businesses grow, they are frequently looking for additional solutions that are compatible with their Payvment store, such as web-based e-commerce or mobile commerce solutions," said Christian Taylor, founder and CEO of Payvment. "Companies that integrate with Payvment gain early access to thousands of new potential customers."

Open Payvment was designed for two different categories of developers: companies that want to add on or create new services using the Payvment platform; and companies that want to integrate their products and services with Payvment. For example, using the Payvment infrastructure as a starting point for application development would allow a music label to build an app for delivering music downloads after purchase on Facebook. A web-based ecommerce provider could also integrate with Payvment to allow customers to push products out to a Payvment Facebook storefront and pull orders back into their centralized administration dashboard.

Open Payvment currently includes three different APIs, with more planned in the coming months:

Order Management API: this API enables third-party software to pull Facebook order data into their system and give sellers the ability to manage the lifecycle of an order from one location. Social management platforms or service providers can also use the Order Data API to mash up order data with social engagement data to offer unique social commerce analytics.
Product Import API: designed for multi-channel ecommerce platforms, this API enables the complete management of a Facebook store's product inventory from within any third-party ecommerce platform.
Real-time Orders Notification API: developers can use this API to fuel real-time messaging around new orders - this could include both push notifications to a mobile device as well as a system notification to launch a shipment or other fulfillment process.
Open Payvment partners will be featured in an apps directory in the Payvment admin dashboard, which Payvment sellers use every day to manage their e-commerce operations. Open Payvment uses the OAuth2 standard for completely secure authentication of third-party applications.

Shipwire, a cloud-based provider of shipping software, and outsourced pick, pack and ship order fulfillment services, recently used Open Payvment to automate the shipping of Facebook orders.

"Facebook is a massive new marketplace, and Payvment makes it easy to sell on Facebook. The free Shipwire connector to Payvment completely automates the shipping of Facebook orders, from warehouses around the world. Now manufacturers and retailers have a new way to grow their business," said Damon Schechter, founder and CEO of Shipwire Order Fulfillment.

Other companies that have already integrated with Open Payvment include Shoutlet, Social Candy, Retailigence and Shipping Easy.

"Payvment has established itself as the market leader for Facebook commerce, with a customer base growing at a rate of 400 new Facebook stores per day," added Taylor. "As more companies seek to offer social commerce functionality, we anticipate that many of them will choose to leverage Open Payvment to accelerate their development and ensure their products are integrated with the market-leading Facebook commerce solution." 

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