SunGard adds position and margin monitoring to Kiodex Real Time SaaS offering

Source: SunGard

SunGard has added a real-time position and margin monitoring component, Kiodex Control, to its Kiodex Real Time commodities risk management solution, delivered on a Software-as-a-Service* basis.

Kiodex Control will help organizations monitor position limits and margin in real-time, providing alerts when one or more user-established thresholds is approached or exceeded. Kiodex Control also performs "what if" scenarios, giving organizations the ability to test future scenarios using real-time data, which helps them minimize risk while maximizing opportunities.

Without a real-time system in place, organizations face the possibility of exceeding position limits that the CFTC and individual exchanges apply to intra-day and end-of-day positions. Traditional end-of-day reconciliation is too late to avoid fines, penalties and reputational damage. With Kiodex Control, customers can set one or more alerts to warn of an approaching limit, helping ensure that the customer remains in compliance with legal limits as well as risk parameters.

Kirk Howell, chief operating officer for SunGard's Kiodex business unit, said, "In today's increasingly regulated and volatile market, compliance and risk management are absolutely critical to our customers' success. Kiodex Control will help our customers better manage risk by providing access to accurate, real-time information, helping them manage positions, P&L, and margin in real-time."

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