BEA, IBM, Microsoft & Tibco submit Web services messaging specs for standardisation

Source: Microsoft

BEA Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:BEAS), IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) and TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ:TIBX) today announced they will submit the latest version of the Web Services ReliableMessaging (WS-RM) specification, comprising both protocol and policy assertions, to the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) for further refinement and finalization as a Web services standard.

Incorporating broad industry feedback, the co-authors proposed a technical committee and charter to enable further review and industry collaboration on the proposed standard.

WS-RM has received extensive industry support and interoperability with a number of implementations beyond the authoring companies as a result of a series of feedback and interoperability workshops, with the most recent workshop having been held April 13-14, 2005. In addition to the co-authors, a wide range of companies and organizations, including Actional, Adobe, Arjuna, Blue Titan, Choreology, Ericsson, IONA, OAGi, Reactivity, Sonic, Sun Microsystems, Systinet, webMethods, the U.K. government, and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, have expressed support for the launch of this effort in OASIS.

Reliable message-based communication can be a vital element to enterprise-critical applications. Reliable messaging includes the ability to ensure that a message exchange has been completed correctly with no messages lost or duplicated. For example, within an order processing system, it is critical for the application to know that all items have been received and none have been duplicated. If a client using this application temporarily loses network connectivity during the course of order submission, reliable messaging ensures that the order is received once and only once. In some applications, it can also be important to know the correct sequencing of messages. The WS-RM protocol, together with the other Web services specifications such as those related to security, policy, transactions and coordination, can help provide a more secure, robust and scalable approach to reliable messaging.

The co-authors are committed to the development of open industry standards to help drive widespread adoption of Web services and will not charge royalties in conjunction with WS-RM. The co-authors are looking forward to future collaboration in helping to bring together a more cohesive and composable Web services architecture.

"BEA is pleased to join with the co-authors and co-proposers on WS-RM to establish a technical committee for ongoing refinement efforts within OASIS," said David Orchard, director of technology at BEA Systems. "We look forward to continued engagement with our industry partners to help further promote the adoption of Web services."

"Our customers will benefit from the functions that WS-RM provides as they develop more secure, reliable business applications based on Web services," said Karla Norsworthy, vice president of software standards at IBM. "With this technology, delivery of messages between partners, suppliers and customers can be assured in an efficient and scalable way that will support both enterprise-level applications utilizing middleware and simpler point-to-point applications. With the submission to OASIS, we look forward to further industry contributions and adoption."

"The submission of WS-RM to OASIS is an important step toward achieving a cohesive and composable architecture for secure, reliable, transacted Web services," said Ari Bixhorn, director of Web Services Strategy for Microsoft. "We look forward to refining and finalizing the reliable messaging specification with OASIS and our industry partners in order to best meet the needs of our customers."

"TIBCO is committed to driving the development of open industry standards and the widespread adoption of Web services. WS-RM extends both the reliability and reach of a messaging backbone beyond the enterprise and over the Internet," said Matt Quinn, vice president of Product Strategy at TIBCO Software. "As a co-author of the WS-RM specification, TIBCO has contributed years of enterprise messaging knowledge and experience into the development of this specification and will continue to support the evolution of this into an OASIS standard."

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