InfoDyne extends TPS+Plus ticker plant to support CME and Cbot data feeds

Source: InfoDyne

InfoDyne Corporation, a leading provider of direct exchange feed ticker plant technology that is essential to algorithmic trading, today announced expansion of its TPS+Plus product line to include support for the market feeds of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade.

The capability was added in response to the surging demand for direct feed access by futures traders.

Underscoring the difference between a simple "feed handler" and TPS+Plus, the CME and CBOT implementation provides for:

  • Data Normalization to a common set of data models across all sources, so that applications don't have to know about differences between data sources.
  • Current Cache to ensure that the current values for every instrument are available on-demand.
  • Value Added Fields calculated in real-time. Examples include: accumulated volume, highs, lows, opens, closes, net change, etc.
  • Data Blending to ensure that data from the exchanges can be supplemented within the servers by data from other sources, such as fundamental and reference information. Applications see a single record with all the fields they need.
  • Single Namespace: combining all feeds into a single virtual service to shield applications and users from having to know which feed supplies a particular instrument.
  • Enterprise Gateways to seamlessly interconnect multiple market data environments (InfoDyne Middleware2, Reuters(R) Triarch, TIB, and/or RMDS).
  • Support for Multiple Operating Systems: Sun(R) Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft XP

"Demand for direct exchange feeds continues to grow, as increasing numbers of firms seek to reduce the latency of data used by their trading applications. At InfoDyne, we remain committed to delivering low latency solutions to our customers and to giving them access to whatever data sources they require," said Jeff Wootton, Senior Vice President for Products and Services at InfoDyne.

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