Bankart deploys LogRhythm for PCI compliance

Source: LogRhythm

LogRhythm, the company that makes log data useful, today announced that Bankart, a leading provider of payment processing solutions, has deployed its integrated log management and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution to ensure compliance with Payment Card Initiative Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulations.

Bankart is also using LogRhythm's solution to improve operational efficiencies across all parts of its network and to help implement security best practices.

Bankart previously used the individual monitoring functionality associated with each system on its network. However, faced with a rising number of logs, the organisation wanted a more effective method of collecting, processing and reviewing all log data. It also recognised that a centralised log management solution would help ensure PCI compliance and bolster the security of its systems, while also improving the efficiency of its IT infrastructure.

As part of the selection process, Bankart considered a number of solutions from competing vendors, and chose LogRhythm's integrated log management and SIEM solution for its scalability, flexibility and value for money.

"While we've traditionally monitored the log data of each system separately, we were faced with increasingly stringent PCI DSS requirements and a growing number of logs. We were monitoring up to seven million logs daily so, in order to make the process more efficient, we needed a centralised, automated logging solution, with real-time monitoring, and a clear view of what's happening across the network, " said Bojan Ostanek, Information Security Officer, Bankart. "Not only did LogRhythm's solution perfectly match our business needs, but it also added value that its competitors couldn't match. While file integrity monitoring (FIM) capabilities are usually considered an extra, add-on function, LogRhythm offers FIM as an integrated part of its solution at no extra cost."

A key factor influencing Bankart's decision was the solution's simple implementation and ease of use, and the company received support from both LogRhythm and its local partner, Test IT, throughout the whole process.

"The solution is very easy to implement compared with the other solutions we evaluated," continued Ostanek. "It is extremely user-friendly on a day-to-day basis, and we can view the entire network infrastructure from one dashboard which easily generates clear, digestible reports. We were immediately able to generate reports, and the system is designed so that you can upgrade your knowledge as you use it. LogRhythm and Test IT provided us with exceptional service and an outstanding level of assistance throughout the whole process, from installation right through to training our staff."

Since implementation, Bankart has found that as well as maintaining regulatory compliance and strengthening its security, LogRhythm's solution provides the actionable intelligence and deep insight required to help the company improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its entire IT system.

"LogRhythm's solution correlates all the data relating to an incident, so that we avoid the time consuming and expensive process of investigating these logs manually. We've found that with LogRhythm's centralised solution, operational efficiency across our IT infrastructure has dramatically improved. For example, the man hours required for log review have been reduced by 90 percent, and our network traffic has also been reduced by 20-25 percent," added Ostanek.

Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director, international markets, LogRhythm, said "It can be a challenge for companies like Bankart to adhere to increasingly stringent security regulations, such as PCI DSS, while also maintaining a streamlined IT estate. It's clear from the growing number of high-profile data losses that organisations must take more steps not just to minimise the risk of breaches, but also to ensure that monitoring systems are in place so potential threats can be easily spotted at the earliest possible instance. By adopting LogRhythm's solution, Bankart hasn't just improved its security, monitoring and compliance processes - it has also gained powerful insight into the whole of its IT operations, and we're pleased to see that our solution has enabled the company to improve its efficiencies significantly."

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