Thomson Reuters upgrades Kondor Global Risk

Source: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters today announced enhancement of its enterprise-wide risk management product Kondor Global Risk (KGR), incorporating a new dynamic dashboard that provides a powerful way for risk managers to visualize and interpret their risk exposure.

KGR will enable risk managers to undertake a more granular and accurate analysis of risk data points allowing them to manage risk rather than measure it.

Regulators and management boards are demanding more insightful information at an increasingly granular level. These new requirements are putting existing enterprise risk infrastructures under severe stress as the demand for computations and aggregation grows exponentially. This compounded impact is driving the need for risk tools which allow businesses to run global and stress test driven valuations to identify and manage enterprise-wide risk both quickly and accurately.

Thomson Reuters Kondor Global Risk is a powerful real-time credit and market risk engine. Within seconds, KGR converts billions of data points into insightful information about the root causes and driving factors of risk exposures. It helps KGR customers make sound business decisions and manage risk effectively. The new version of Kondor Global Risk includes:

• A combined credit and market risk engine which can be deployed at a business unit or enterprise level
• A powerful data aggregation and analysis tool, which can pull together information from existing systems
• An intuitive and powerful risk dashboard to visualize and interpret risk exposure
• Unrivalled performance allows users to drill down into billions of Value at Risk (VaR) figures in a second
• Flexible limit rules and data models

Andrew White, Global Head of Risk Management, Thomson Reuters, said: "Evolving business and regulatory requirements demand that risk managers must collect, analyze and interpret an ever-growing universe of data points to provide granular insight into global risk exposures. Kondor Global Risk addresses this challenge, providing the tools Risk Managers need to turn a morass of data into intelligent information to support better business decisions. It can re-compute critical risk mea measures on billions of data points within seconds, with the unique risk radar providing the accuracy and insight they need" 

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