Trusteer unveils online fraud intelligence and risk analysis service

Source: Trusteer

Trusteer, the leading provider of secure web access services, today announced Trusteer Situation Room (TSR), an intuitive security threat and risk assessment content sharing platform.

TSR provides information on fraudsters, their activities, the institutions they target, their methods for bypassing various security controls, and techniques for blocking individual attacks. The service gathers information on malware activity from a worldwide network that spans tens of millions of endpoint devices and thousands of malicious servers, and is supported by a large team of professional security analysts that closely monitors financial fraud activities around the clock. Trusteer is offering a free 60 day trial of TSR to qualified financial institutions.

To enable financial institutions to meet their on-going risk assessment expectation, TSR immediately identifies new threats targeting their systems and customers, provides a technical analysis of attacks and their implications, and recommendations for how to mitigate them. TSR generates on-going reports describing the change in threats over time and monitors the effectiveness of various security controls against them. With a section on eCrime related news, and a forum for discussion and data sharing with peers, TSR is a "command center" for security professionals in their fight against fraud.

"With the pace of cyber crime increasing every day, even the largest and most security conscious organizations don't have the internal resources to keep up with the continuous onslaught of malware and phishing attacks that targets their business," said Yaron Dycian, vice president of products for Trusteer. "The Trusteer Situation Room harnesses the depth and breadth of our global security monitoring network to detect, analyze, and report on attacks, as they happen. We provide the critical intelligence organizations need to protect their assets and keeps customers safe."

New Attack Alerts
TSR issues real-time alerts and reports that analyze the behavior and modus operandi of new crime ware, phishing, and other threats it discovers. It also maintains a repository of finaning, and other threats it discovers. It also maintains a repository of financial malware samples that participating members can download to better understand how each attack operates including methods used by fraudsters to target the organization and its customers. Each report includes threat mitigation recommendations. The TSR also includes an analysis section that maintains a constantly updated list of fraudster identities and suspected fraudster IP addresses.

TSR - Key Features
• Can generate an alert each time a new threat targets your brand
• Monitors more than 1000 directly targeted banks
• Provides a tool for comparing number of threats against monitored financial institutions
• Maintains a constantly expanding database of hundreds of attack analysis reports
• Provides member-only platform for sharing information and collaborating with peers and Trusteer fraud experts 

Separately, Trusteer announced that Tompkins Financial Corporation has selected the Trusteer Rapport secure web access service to provide customers of its three community banks with an extra layer of security against fraud when using its retail and business online banking applications.

Tompkins Financial selected the Rapport service for its cost effectiveness and ease of implementation. In addition, Tompkins will be using the Trusteer Situation Room intelligence service, which provides real-time information on new attacks aimed at the bank’s customers, to take counter measures against zero-day threats.

“Providing secure Internet banking is a top priority at our three community banks and Trusteer Rapport complements our strong security measures while also maintaining a user interface that is easy to install, use, and adapts to changing customer needs,” said Richard W. Page, Jr., senior vice president and CTO of Tompkins Financial.

Page added, “Trusteer Rapport provides transparent security that does not require any change in customer behavior, and is extremely easy to distribute and deploy via a simple download. The fact that customers can activate this through a simple download without intervention from our IT staff was extremely attractive to us.”

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