AmInvestment Bank Berhad deploys IPC Unigy platform

Source: IPC Systems

IPC Systems, a leading provider of trading communications solutions to the world's top financial services firms, today announced the successful, live implementation of Unigy, its revolutionary new unified trading communications platform, at AmInvestment Bank Berhad ("AIB"), one of Malaysia's leading investment bank groups.

AIB's beta test of Unigy has been in full operation since April 18, with traders actively using the system and the new Unigy-powered IQ/MAX Edge turrets on the company's trading floor.

"Our traders have been very pleased with the introduction of Unigy and the new Edge turrets," said John Tan, director and head of equity markets, AIB. "The new user interface with the Edge turret and the Unigy platform provide traders the ability to easily tailor the turret to their specific needs. The new application launch pad provides traders easy access to line appearances, contacts and speed dials, and their communications history."

"The Unigy backroom allows us to quickly deliver new trading connections and voice applications required to support our trading operations," continued Tan. "With the Unigy Management System we can also more easily meet our reporting requirements for compliance and regulatory needs."

"AIB's users were seamlessly migrated from IPC's Alliance system to the new Unigy platform and new IQ/MAX turrets in less than two and a half weeks," said Michael Speranza, senior vice president, Global Product Management, IPC. "The implementation went smoothly, with the system installed, the beta test plan executed, customer acceptance completed and users trained in a short amount of time. AIB is using the NICE Trading Recording solution for SIP voice recording for trading on its Unigy system.

IPC introduced the Unigy solution on March 2, 2011 as the industry's first single, open standards Software Oriented Architecture (SOA) based platform for unified trading communications and applications. At the same time, IPC announced an extensive and powerful portfolio of Unigy-powered hard and soft devices and applications, including the compact and economical IQ/MAX Edge turret.

The key benefits Unigy offers are:
• Collaboration - simplifying and accelerating collaboration between traders and their middle and back office trade support teams so deals can get donene faster

• Exclusive apps - enabling the development of proprietary applications, on demand, to streamline processes and gain a competitive advantage

• Management - dramatically improving communications system management, monitoring, and maintenance with the new Unigy Management System for greater flexibility, scalability and uptime

• Lower costs - reducing TCO in multiple ways, such as more affordable, inherent BCP options, lower energy consumption and smaller rack footprint, and more efficient use of IT resources.

IPC plans to continue its beta testing of the new platform with other global customers in the weeks ahead.

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