ITRS unveils Geneos FIX Analyser

Source: ITRS Group

ITRS Group plc, the leading global provider of predictive, real-time monitoring and proactive application performance management products to the world's financial community, announced today the ITRS Geneos FIX Analyser, which provides in-depth, real-time financial transaction monitoring information.

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol is a messaging standard developed specifically for real-time electronic exchange of securities transactions. FIX Analyser extracts and analyses FIX messages, giving real-time views and analysis of FIX incoming order flow from clients and outgoing transactions to trading engines and exchanges, providing financial institutions with an overall view of the status of orders throughout the trade lifecycle, from incoming client orders through to execution and settlement. This includes latency measurement, execution times, fill rates (per client), etc.

There are a handful of trading systems today which perform some of this analysis, but FIX Analyser is unique in being able to provide complete analysis across all trading systems in real-time and also to present the information in an 'at-a-glance' format on the Geneos Dashboard, which is applicable to operations teams and sales/traders.

FIX Analyser allows users to create their own real-time alerts and tailor the analysis to their specific requirements, for example by exchange or instrument, unusually low fill rates, etc. In addition, it provides the ability to quickly identify rejected transactions and gives an early warning of execution venue problems. FIX Analyser allows business and operations teams to gain real-time insight into trading patterns and activity based on both FIX and proprietary message contents.

Misha Kipnis, Director of Product Strategy at ITRS Group, said, "This new interface is a huge step forward in financial transaction management and monitoring and leverages the capabilities of the ITRS Geneos platform to bring together multiple instrumentation metrics to form a very valuable picture of the trading application estate. FIX Analyser allows a financial institution to aggregate the information from disparate trading systems, providing a real-time, comprehensive view of the status of its FIX order flow. The ability to see this information in one pplace and in a clear format is a vital contribution to business intelligence - traders looking at a Geneos dashboard can now see real-time order status at a glance."

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