QuantHouse introduces Direct Edge feed handler

Source: QuantHouse

QuantHouse, the leading provider of next generation trading solutions, today announced the availability of its Direct Edge feed handler, allowing algorithmic trading firms sub-millisecond access to America's newest stock exchange.

The firm's ultra-low latency market data solution, QuantFEED - captures raw data co-located within the exchange, performs sub-millisecond decoding and delivers normalized data through a single API (application programming interface). Written in C++, with a multi-threaded design running on Linux, the product leverages QuantHouse feed-handler technology.

The QuantHouse proprietary fiber optic network allows its clients to receive the QuantFEED Direct Edge feed from any of the 15 QuantHouse 'Points Of Presence' within the US and European exchange data and proximity hosting centers.

QuantFEED's API provides developers with many benefits including an easy way to integrate or migrate the solution as well as very high throughput rates and access to historical data.

QuantFEED is one product in a series of cutting-edge capabilities across the full trading platform.

Pierre Feligioni, General Manager and Founder of QuantHouse, said: "We have seen increased demand from our clients for greater accessibility to be able to trade US equities more efficiently. Offering access to Direct Edge, a respected and innovative exchange, further emphasises our applied expertise in this field and the significant in-roads we have made across the US."

Kevin Carrai, Head of Connectivity Services at Direct Edge, commented: "Reliable low latency market data capabilities are more important now than ever before. Market participants need to react first to changing market conditions and with this new offering they will be able to get just that. QuantFEED, brings together a world leading trading solution with the newest stock exchange in the US."

Stephane Leroy, Head of Global Sales & Marketing at QuantHouse, concluded: "The combination of our feed-handler technology enabling sub-millisecond processing time, our hosting facilities located at the closest point to the exchange and our global proprietary fiber optic network, is an end-to-end solution allowing clients to benefit from a very powerful product with the easiest implementation process. We are glad to make this solution available to Direct Edge trading participants."

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