Poland's Trevica implement OpenWay card platform

Source: Trevica

TREVICA, Polish payment processing company, whose one of main shareholders is MasterCard Europe Sprl, has successfully launched the multi-institution card issuing and acquiring platform WAY4 from OpenWay to get a jump-start on the highly-competitive Polish cards market.

With WAY4 TREVICA plans to become a strong rival to well-known card processing players in providing both traditional payment processing services and advanced value-added services, such as 3-D Secure Internet payment processing and real-time risk management.

"We have selected WAY4 because we were looking for technologically modern and functionally mature, stable system that can help us minimize time-to-market with each new bank we connect and sustain long-term growth," - said Maciej Stepien, TREVICA's COO. "We enjoyed WAY4's flexible business rules and are able to set up new products and features quickly without programming. Thanks to its flexibility we implement new products and banks extremely fast and reliably", he added.

"I am sure that TREVICA and its clients are going to boost consumers e-payment experience in the nearest future," - commented Wim Pardon, Managing Director of OpenWay EMEA. "As many start-up companies, TREVICA can leverage the most up-to-date payment infrastructure to introduce innovative tailored solutions. It gives real competitive advantage over those using cumbersome legacy platforms."

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