SecurEnvoy releases two-factor authentication token app

Source: SecurEnvoy

SecurEnvoy - pioneers of mobile phone based tokenless authentication, today released SecureAccess Version 6.0, which turns any mobile phone into an authentication device - either by receiving an SMS message or, if the user prefers, simply downloading an app such as Google authenticate.

End-users now will have total flexibility with zero admin or overhead costs providing a mobile security solution to suit the operator's lifestyle and location.

This latest version of SecureAccess Version 6.0 provides a one-time passcode on the user's mobile by downloading a soft token as an app for those users that need the extra security in areas that can't rely on GSM coverage.

More flexibility for the User
This latest product provides the user with a far greater choice of security - either tokenless SMS based two factor authentication or a soft token downloaded as an app. Available from either SecureEnvoy or Google, the app is suitable for most types of mobile devices i.e. iPhones, iPads, Blackberry's and Android phones. In addition SecurEnvoy plan to add soft token support for laptops such as Apple Mac (OSX 10.6) and Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7).

Steve Watts, Co-founder of SecurEnvoy said "Our research amongst global customers has shown that a very small minority now require an alternative to SMS tokenless authentication for some of their workers who are in more remote locations, such as mines, mountainous regions or indeed in certain parts of the US and China where the GSM reception is patchy at best! With downloadable apps from Apple or Blackberry for example, we can offer organisations a wider choice of 2 factor authentication on all devices in every continent of the globe. Plus it's included at no extra cost to all SecurAccess, SecurICE and SecurPassword users.

The added benefit of SecurEnvoy's latest offering is that there are zero additional costs to using this new app and zero management time for the IT or admin staff as the end-user literally downloads the apps themselves without any interaction with the corporate helpdesk IT staff.

A simple process
For the organisation there is nothing they need to do. It is all down to personal preference of the end-user to choose whether they want their 2 factor authentication passcode sentcode sent via SMS or via their app.

The user simply:

1. Visits the app store - either SecurEnvoy or Google, and downloads the app
2. Logs into the SecurEnvoy enrolment page at any time not just at enrolment - cleverly they can authenticate themselves with their current user name and passcode sent to them via SMS or eMail
3. A barcode appears in the screen which the user scans with the camera button on their phone
4. Enters the displayed passcode which is checked for correct enrolment and used to calculate any clock drift

SecurAccess provides an innovative and simple solution to end users requiring more flexible methods of strong authentication without fuss, additional cost or burdening their administration department.

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