Diebold allies with Russian ATM security outfit SafenSoft

Source: Diebold

SafenSoft, a leading developer of security solutions for ATMs and other unattended devices, is pleased to announce a new alliance with Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD), a global leader in providing integrated self-service delivery and security systems and services.

The two companies will begin working together immediately in Russia and the Ukraine, with plans to expand geographic focus over time.

"We're delighted to be working with SafenSoft to help secure our customers' ATM networks," said Ivan Strigin, director, professional services, Diebold Russia (Diebold Self-Service LLC). "Our customers are committed to strengthening ATM security. SafenSoft's TPSecure solution can help provide the peace of mind our customers are looking for."

TPSecure was designed from the ground up to secure unattended devices such as ATMs, POS systems, and eVoting machines, both to prevent unauthorized transactions and to prevent insider tampering with the device. The system is focused on maintaining system integrity rather than the resource-intensive, signature-based approach of many security solutions, and it ensures that only authorized personnel using authorized devices can access authorized data and applications.

"Once an ATM or other unattended device has an established TPSecure profile, it is secure against both broad and targeted attacks," said SafenSoft CEO Michael Kalinichenko. "TPSecure is already in use at a number of banks in Russia, and we are happy to be able to extend that protection to Diebold customers."

About TPSecure
TPSecure ensures neither logical (malware) nor physical (unauthorized devices) methods can be used to access or tamper with the way ATMs function. It does this by building and maintaining a system profile for each ATM based on a number of different checkpoints designed to ensure the trustworthiness of the applications, drivers, and registry entries on that ATM.

The software monitors every attempt to launch an application, blocking any launch activity if the trusted identifier for that application is not present in the system profile. TPSecure itself also includes multiple levels of self‐protection to prevent its own processes from being stopped.

TPSecure can be configured to prevent these and o these and other attack methods from succeeding:

* Replacing ATM software with a new image or modifying current ATM processes.
* Unauthorized termination of the TPSecure process
* Unauthorized termination or launch of ATM processes

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