TCU upgrades ATM fleet with Diebold

Source: Diebold

As Indiana's largest credit union, Teachers Credit Union (TCU) has a reputation for being a technology leader. Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) is helping TCU maintain that tradition by implementing new technologies and services that will enhance the credit union's operational efficiencies and improve convenience for its members.

Diebold is managing upgrades to TCU's fleet of 85 Opteva® automated teller machines (ATMs), adding monitoring services to enhance security and ATM uptime and incorporating deposit automation technology to improve convenience.

TCU, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, serves Indiana and southwestern Michigan. Based in South Bend, Ind., TCU has more than 275,000 members and more than $2 billion in assets.

"Our members rely on TCU to offer advanced financial services featuring the latest technologies," said Paul Marsh, president, TCU. "Whether we are improving back-office efficiencies or deploying new services, every technology we implement is designed to benefit our membership."

Through its integrated services portfolio, Diebold will upgrade TCU's Opteva ATM fleet to include advanced monitoring technologies. These outsourced services will help improve the security and reliability of TCU's self-service channel. For example, ATM Endpoint Protection by Symantec™ provides secure firewalls and maintains up-to-date antivirus software to protect ATMs against malware attacks.

To maintain the availability of TCU's ATMs, Diebold will actively monitor the terminals using its Diebold Advisor® service. This automated monitoring service sends detailed ATM status messages, such as paper jams and dispenser faults, to Diebold's monitoring center. There, operators can attempt a remote fix or dispatch a repair service to help restore ATM availability as quickly as possible.

"Through Diebold's Integrated Services offering, we are helping TCU stay on the cutting edge of technology and services for its membership," said John M. Deignan, vice president, chief marketing officer, Diebold. "By outsourcing multiple solutions, the credit union is able to implement these technologies today without making the significant infrastructure investments that would be required to perform these services internally."

TCU currently has 14 ATMs capable of deposit automation through Diebold, with more than 30 additional machines planned in the near future. This technology will enable credit union members to make convenient envelope-free check and cash deposits at the ATM, giving members quicker access to their funds and eliminating a significant amount of fraud potential. Deposit automation extends credit union hours for members and can provide faster access to their funds. It also has the potential to steer traffic to the ATM for standard transactions, giving tellers more opportunities to focus on selling services to members.

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