ReadSoft and OB10 form partnership

Source: ReadSoft

ReadSoft, a leading global provider of software solutions for document process automation and OB10, the world's leading e-Invoicing network, today announced a new global partnership.

Working together, ReadSoft and OB10 have developed a comprehensive, end-to-end business process solution that will integrate seamlessly with SAP, Oracle and other leading financial and ERP systems using the ReadSoft COCKPIT suite as a universal invoice hub to control all invoice processing irrespective of document format. The solution will drive lower costs and greater automation across the P2P process and help customers move to more advanced and efficient business processes.

The partnership, which already shares many mutual customers, will provide organisations with the capability to streamline and optimise their invoice and document automation process and benefit from improved efficiency and transparency within the financial supply chain. The partnership also enables leading systems integrators and business process outsourcers (BPOs) to provide enterprise customers and suppliers with an end-to-end common business process for all their invoicing requirements.

ReadSoft's world leading accounts payable and receivable solutions will together with OB10's best practice supplier enrolment and ability to handle any data format become more accessible to a wider range of businesses. This in turn increases benefits to buyers, suppliers and systems integration specialists. Moreover, this partnership accelerates the migration to truly paperless electronic invoicing, ensuring that Readsoft customers are enabled to take full advantage of the benefits in terms of cost, visibility and speed provided by e-Invoicing.

Peter Hörwing, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at ReadSoft, commented: "Our partnership with OB10 builds on our business model of working with best-in class organisations to create and deliver more efficient end-to-end business process solutions. This partnership demonstrates ReadSoft's leadership in the AP market and our ability to provide a guaranteed service to our customers whatever the mix of EDI, electronic paper, and manage the whole end-to-end process."

OB10's e-Invoicing network is operational across Europe, North America and Asia, supporting most local language requirements, and meets local, legal and tax compliance regulations.

ReadSoft's unique integration capabilities and end-to-end business solutions allow efficient management of the accounts payable and accounts receivable process, including e-Invoicing, contract management and advanced payments. By combining document process automation with the global e-Invoicing network, enterprises can drive compliance, gain greater control over spend and maintain transparency across the financial supply chain.

Luke McKeever, CEO, OB10, commented: "This new global alliance between our organisations creates an opportunity for buyers, suppliers and systems integrators to work with the leading organisations in their fields. OB10's ability to handle any data format and supplier enrolment expertise ensures that all suppliers can benefit from document automation and e-Invoicing through ReadSoft."

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