Atrium Network reduces London to Stockholm latency

Source: Atrium Network

Atrium Network, provider of smarter connectivity solutions for the financial community, today announced that it has reduced the latency of its London to Stockholm path.

Atrium Network's lower-latency path means that Atrium Network's clients can now access the fastest path possible between London and Stockholm.

The new link of 22.45 milliseconds has been added in response to client demand from the latency-sensitive trading community and provides an optimum connectivity path to the Stockholm and London markets. Atrium Network offers resilient, ultra-low latency connectivity into Stockholm's markets and ensures users benefit from access to multiple equities, derivatives, fixed income and commodities markets.

Emmanuel Carjat, Chief Executive Officer of Atrium Network, commenting on Atrium Network's new Nordic link said, "Building on the success of the two PoPs (points of presence) we added in Stockholm in 2010, our new lower-latency link between London and Stockholm gives our clients a competitive advantage over other participants when trading multiple markets."

Carjat added, "We have been helping clients achieve low latency access to the Stockholm and London markets for some time now and are delighted to report growing interest from our ultra-low latency customer-base. Investment in the new link has been driven by customer feedback and allows us to further grow our Stockholm trading community and provides an infrastructure framework within which we can continue our successful connectivity growth throughout the Nordics region."

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