CreditCall teams with MagTek on end-to-end encryption

Source: CreditCall

CreditCall has collaborated with the globally respected card reader manufacturer MagTek, making their Magnesafe card readers the first in the world to use CreditCall's bank-independent CardEase Ultra solution.

To combat increasing card data theft, where sensitive information is compromised by computer hackers while card data is in transit, CreditCall has launched CardEase Ultra, an End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) solution providing fraud protection from the point of card acceptance right through to settlement.

CreditCall's E2EE ( dramatically simplifies PA-DSS compliance for terminal manufacturers, and merchants are able to take significant segments of their networks outside the scope of PCI DSS, reducing both infrastructure complexity and compliance costs. It also provides secure card tokenisation allowing future transactions or refunds without the card needing to be present. The E2EE solution is applicable in a wide variety of card acceptance markets including retail PoS, and unattended terminals including parking, vending and kiosks.

MagTek is a leading manufacturer of electronic devices and systems for the reliable issuance, reading, transmission and security of cards, checks, PINs and other identification documents.

Steve Poulston, Managing Director at MagTek Europe stated "MagTek's vision is to bank, shop, work, play, communicate and to exchange goods and services in a safe and worry free environment. MagTek's MagneSafe card readers provide end to end encryption of sensitive card data. Combined with CreditCall's CardEase Ultra, it provides Merchants with an off the shelf end-to-end encrypted payment gateway and contributes to the reduction or even removal of the scope of PA DSS."

Jeremy Gumbley CTO at CreditCall explained "This is dramatic step forward for any organisation that accepts card payment. By collaborating with MagTek, for the first time a solution is available that provides industry-leading levels of security, coupled with bank independence, whilst still maintaining all the functionality associated with tokenisation. We share the vision with MagTek of strong cryptographic protection of cardholder information at the earliest possible point in the merchant's environment, making CardEase Ultra the perfect fit for MagTek's MagneSafe range of card readers."

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