NCR 'scaleable desposit' modules pass certification tests

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) today announced an important step in the adoption of NCR Scalable Deposit Module (SDM), technology that makes automated deposits at the ATM twice as fast.

Major ATM networks, including CO-OP Network from CO-OP Financial Services, Elan, First Data, FIS™, Fiserv, Vantiv, and SHAZAM have completed their certification testing of SDM, establishing the new technology as compatible with key software systems. NCR is in the process of completing the certification testing process with additional networks.

U.S. financial institutions are gravitating toward SDM, which simplifies the automated deposit (or "no-envelope deposit") process by helping consumers complete the deposit portion of a transaction in half the time of other ATMs. Since introducing SDM in the U.S. in October 2010, NCR customers have placed orders for nearly 7,000 units. NCR is the only manufacturer to deploy a single-slot, mixed-media-deposit ATM solution.

"We are always looking for opportunities to differentiate our customer experience, and we were impressed with how simple and easy NCR's Scalable Deposit Module will be for our customers to use," said Tim Lockwood, senior vice president and CIO, United Bank of Michigan, who ordered SDM in May. "Automated deposit has been a home run for banks and consumers alike, but NCR has made that experience even better with SDM."

Consumers can deposit up to a total of 50 checks and notes in a single bunch with SDM, which works with the NCR SelfServ 30 series of ATMs. Beyond giving customers a faster experience at the ATM, SDM-enabled ATMs truncate checks and store them in the safe, eliminating the need for daily pick up. They also use a simple media path that reduces jams and features intuitive LED indicators to make it easier for bank staff to service the module without a maintenance call.

"When financial institutions of all sizes see SDM in action, we get the same response: this makes ATM deposits faster and easier," said Michael O'Laughlin, senior vice president, NCR Financial Services. "Banks and credit unions have received positive data and feedback from consumers on automated deposit, so it is natural for NCR to continue to invest in innovation that improves the technology. With SDM, we have built a new solution that is even more intuitive and simple for consumers."

Since first introducing its NCR SelfServ ATMs in 2008, NCR has seen many banks nearly double deposit volumes at the ATM as consumers enjoy the ease and simplicity of depositing cash and checks without an envelope. By significantly speeding the deposit process, NCR can help financial institutions deliver consumers a complete ATM deposit experience that takes less than 60 seconds, allowing financial institutions to speed transactions, reduce the length of lines at the ATM and improve customer satisfaction.

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