Thomson Reuters starts sourcing RTS data via Fis/Fast

Source: RTS

Information agency Thomson Reuters starts to receive data from all RTS markets via the FIS/FAST protocol.

Within the framework of the RTS's policy of improving market data distribution to customers users of Thomson Reuters terminals have been given an opportunity to get data on all RTS markets instruments with order-book depth 10.

FORTS's market data as well as market data from Ukrainian Exchange and Еurasian Тrade System Сommodity Exchange are available to the users in addition to the last trading price and best bid and ask for instruments of the RTS spot markets. Thomson Reuters terminal users can receive information on price limits, average weighted prices, required collateral amounts for all markets. Detailed information on a structure of data distributed is available on the page RTS real-time market data.

FAST technology is designed for distributing a wide range of market data to trading participants, information agencies or other counter-parties in real-time mode. FAST Protocol provides effective data distribution, reliability, flexibility and the ability to connect to various platforms. FAST technology is widely used by the leading world trading venues for exchange data distribution.

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